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 My interview with Joey featuring your questions!
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= Cult of Ray =

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Posted - 02/10/2014 :  11:30:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
frank did tweet a setlist for a show earlier in the tour (january).

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= Cult of Ray =

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Posted - 02/12/2014 :  05:06:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
that was for the first show (in toronto)
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* Dog in the Sand *

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Posted - 02/13/2014 :  14:35:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yes, a setlist for the first few shows with a new bassist makes sense. Considering what an ultra-pro Paz Lenchantin is though, they eventually figured out, I guess, that they didn't need it. Now, they play it by ear. Very cool.
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* Dog in the Sand *

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Posted - 02/15/2019 :  18:08:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Here's a repost of the interview
The link in the first post vanished from the www long ago. I eventually found it back thanks to archive.org !
Sorry for the dig, just updating the topic

Last month, fellow AlternativeNation.net writer Osty Gale interviewed Pixies drummer David Lovering and former touring bassist Kim Shattuck. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview the bandís guitarist Joey Santiago. Santiago was one of the best interview subjects Iíve had yet. He was very candid and willing to discuss anything, while also remaining self-aware and having a good sense of humor.

During our 30 minute phone interview Santiago discussed the Pixiesí recent EP releases, their rotating setlists on tour, the real reason Paz Lenchantin recently replaced Kim Shattuck as touring bassist, how much Kim Deal contributed to new material before quitting, his reaction to recent negative reviews of new material from hipster websites, whether there is any leftover material from the Trompe le Monde sessions, and his hopes for future Pixies albums.

Do you think you might record a new album between tours in 2014? Because I read youíve already got one new track recorded with Paz.

Yes, we will certainly give it the old college try of course. The catís out of the bag, so we will pursue it, we will try our hardest. Charles has mentioned that in the few days off we have we should go in the studio or whatever and just hash out ideas, and record them.

That leads me to ask about the EPís. So far thereís 2, everybodyís assuming that thereís going to be a third. Will the EPís be released as an album along with ďBag BoyĒ and some extra songs? If that happens would you want to make any production changes?

Well when it comes to production changes, no. We did one for a song, we canít really say. Everythingís secretive right now. It would be great if those 3 [EP's] converge into one album. Thereís [the] motivation to do that.

So when you were recording that material did you see it working as either an album or a series of EPís? Did you see it working as a sequence of songs at the time?

Yeah, it was a bunch of songs. Itís always been like that for me. I know thereís some thematic things with the music maybe. All the other albums [don't] really have much of a theme. I know people were going on about UFOís with Charles, because he wrote a bulk of it with that in mind, but itís always been a hodgepodge.

What was the extent of Kim Dealís participation in the sessions before leaving, how much did she get done and were there any songs intended for her to sing on?

She never intended to sing on a song, or do vocals on a song. So I donít know what that was about. Bass part wise they were kind of almost there, because it was just a root. She would change stuff arrangement wise, she would change things. She would come up with bass parts of her own at times. Yeah, thatís it.

Apparently there were 5 tracks already written before going into studio, do you remember what tracks those were?

Greens and Blues, What Goes Boom, Indie Cindy, Silver Snail, and Ring The Bell. Those were the songs.

When it came to getting going for this recording session you mentioned those songs, and obviously ďBag BoyĒ was the first one released. What was the song, or maybe couple of songs that really psyched you up about finally recording new Pixies music after all of these years?

ďWhat Goes BoomĒ and ďIndie Cindy.Ē Iíll just pick two of them, but those songs were the songs that were the standouts that I was excited to record.

I wanted to ask you about some of the negative reviews of the new material, and kind of the dilemma that you guys have been in. There was that one site that gave the 1st EP 1/10 that I think was just ridiculous. Even if you donít like the EP, I donít get how somebody couldnít like ďIndie Cindy,Ē which is a great song. Whatís been your reaction to some of the negative reviews from some of the hipster community? Does it just kind of piss you off because for so many years people were telling you Ďrecord new materialí and now you get that crowd getting angry at you for it?

Itís funny that they donít want us to just grow, or explore new territory because weíve done that all the time. I donít know what the reason is. Itís probably because they endear all the albums, or maybe Doolittle or Surfer Rosa, and expect us to sound like that. We got flack when we stopped sounding like Surfer Rosa with Bossanova. Itís almost the same deal, and now with this quick internet thing you see all this information. People have a right to their opinion, it doesnít piss me off actually. I kind of like it in a way because it means that [we're] either ahead of the curve, or they donít get it. In my fantasy one of these days theyíre going to go: ĎShit, I was wrong, I do like this.í

It takes a few listens for us, it doesnít take one listen because weíre not a pop band. Youíre not going to go from the first few notes: ĎYay, I like this!í Youíve got to see the whole journey of the song, because it just goes along. You canít be like one of those A&R guys who will just play the first 5 bars and go: ĎI donít like it. It doesnít hit me right away. Itís not going to hit with radio right away, theyíre going to switch the dial. Theyíre going to go fuck this, fuck WWKR or whatever Iím going to switch the station somewhere else.í Itís that kind of mentality maybe people have, which isnít fair for us. Some people just wonít give us a chance anyways, because Kim Deal left. We have no chance, these are the theories Iím thinking of.

Yeah I think a lot of it has to do too with the mindset of, you canít really judge your reaction to new music especially from a veteran act until at least a year or two after it comes out. I mean this even goes for bands during their younger years too. But especially now people have their sentimental views of the band, so they might be overly excited and like something, or hate it because of how they felt about the past. So maybe in a year or two the views will change from that community.

Yeah, I mean as Charles said before, and I love what he said which is like, what are we going to do with that information? What am I going to do with that information? Yeah, someone said that, Pitchfork did that, but what the hell are we going to do with that information? Thereís nothing we can do, we are what we are. You are entitled to your opinion, but this is what we are, accept it. We might make a few Ďmistakes,í but thatís it.

When it comes to the band dynamics, you mentioned recently in another interview that the failure to communicate and vocalize feelings is a reason why previous sessions didnít work when you were trying to write new material. Do you think the band today communicates better after having said that, and is that something you guys have discussed?

We certainly can communicate a lot better because we have recorded with Paz in a studio, one song. The communication is already there, almost already there, but we still do need that producer that will reign Charles in a bit. Someone thatís a fly on the wall that will go: ĎHey Joe come on,í or ĎHey David, what the fuck? Come up with a better fill or something, whatís going on?í I guess weíre still shitty communicators (laughs), but thereís a fine line between working together and hurting someoneís ego maybe. You kind of have to step around it, where as a producer will say: ĎNo, change that bullshit. What the fuck Charles, what are you thinking?í We just canít do that with each other, we canít be as blunt.

Do you think it might be Gil Norton again for the upcoming album or whatever the next project is? Or are you looking at somebody else maybe?

We donít know, but we want to explore different sounds. So the most obvious thing to do is to work with someone else, so we donít know. But then again Gil went from Doolittle and changed into Bossa Nova, and changed into Trompe le Monde, and then changed into where we are now. So we donít know, we have no idea who that person is yet. We donít even know the songs yet (laughs). The songs arenít even there yet, letís come to that first.

Youíve been changing up the setlist a lot recently, are there any more songs that you are hoping to dust off soon? Like maybe ďSpace I Believe InĒ and ďTrompe le Monde.Ē Do you think those could make it onto the setlist?

Well weíd have to learn those, but what we have under our belts is what we think people want to hear. We actually donít have a setlist any more, we always do the first [couple] songs. Itíll always be Bone Machine, Wave of Mutilation. From there itíll change. Just those two songs are the only ones weíre going to do [for sure]. Just so the sound man can set up and hear the room with people in it. Then the rest of the time Charles will just call them out. Itís amazing still that we wonít have any thoughts that just kill us to keep going, itís less than 1-2-3. Itís faster than you can count to 10, even thatís too long for us, that silence. 5 seconds tops, thatís the silence youíll hear (laughs).

Now what other tracks were recorded during the Trompe le Monde sessions, and will they ever see the light of day? It was rumored to be a double album, and there was talk of ďBrackish BoyĒ and ďSurf EpicĒ possibly being recorded around then.

I donít know if we have any leftovers from that one. We probably do, I call them the Widow Tracks (laughs). Because in a way theyíre all of us like dead, and the widows are going to try to make more money out of us.

Thatíd be a good name for a B-sides album, the Widow Tracks.

The Widow Tracks, that actually is good. Thatís a good idea.

Now when it comes to your favorite topic Kim Shattuck, was it always intended to move on from her after the fall tour and have different bassists live?

She was always just going to do that leg. It solidified as we played along the tours, like okay, good thing we gave that memo to her. Then with Paz, it was like shit we want her for awhile. Sheís just the right fit for us now. Yes, we intended to do that, but in the back of our minds we wanted the first one to work out, but unfortunately it didnít. It just wasnít [appropriate]. So we moved onto another one, Paz, and she is working out famously. She has the chops, she has everything.

Now when it came to the switch, was it kind of a combination of things? Like maybe some differences with Kim, and Paz being available. Because I remember the day you announced Kim wasnít going to stick around, I heard that you had already found a new bassist.

Yeah, but what were we going to do with that information regarding the tour? It would have been shitty for us to tell the current bass the player the news, ĎHey we found another one, and we want you to be in a good mood when we play!í There wouldnít really have been an appropriate time to say anything. Thatís really what happened.

One more question on that, was it musical differences or personal? Something like that?

You know itís complicated, the band dynamic is very complicated. Yes, itís all of those things. Itís everything, thatís what being in a band is about. People could guess why [they] think it didnít work out. Give me the reasons, and those are probably the reasons, and they are the reasons. Yeah personality, yes. Musically, yes. Itís [nobody's] fault. You are what you are and you play the way you play. Thatís it, thatís the bottom line. Itís like, does it fit in with you? Yes or no? Answer it. It sounds simple, but itís more difficult than people think.

The communication that we should have had with her, that she wanted, was impossible. We were on tour, and everybody after the last show went home. We were going to tell her, but she already told everyone (laughs). We werenít the first one, it was like fuck. Then after that, why should we even fucking bother calling her? I called her once just saying, ďWhat the fuck are you doing? Stop it.Ē Now sheís known as the person that the Pixies fired, the person that played with the Pixies. I mean thatís about it, thatís the bottom line. Thatís it, thatís her in a nutshell. Thatís the grave she dug for herself, you canít blame us on that. Once again, you canít blame her, thatís the way she is. You canít just blame anyone, she is what she is. Thatís basically what she is in a nutshell, the way she reacted.

Weíre in the year 2014 now, so 10 years ago was the initial reunion tour. That was documented in the Loud Quiet Loud documentary. I just watched it for the first time a few months ago, itís a great documentary. Sometimes uncomfortable to watch, but very honest. How do you look back at it now 10 years later?

Parts of it were true, we are a quiet band. A lot of it is true, we are very introverted. The person that has to fill that has to be the same way. Kim [Deal] was, David is, I am, Charles is. We keep to ourselves, it makes some people uncomfortable when they see the four of us like that. Weíre not, weíre just like, eh, this is what it is, weíre just quiet people.

What younger bands out there today have impressed you? Thereís so many out there who cite you as an influence. Cage The Elephant praise you all of the time, and youíve got Best Coast coming up opening up for you.

Oh god, ooooh. (Pauses) Thatís a tough one. Iíve already said, just because my kids love it and I like the sophistication of it that they are finally liking, just because itís out of the Disney music genre, is Lorde.

Thatís funny because I was interviewing James Iha a couple weeks ago and he mentioned that he loved her.

Yeah. Who is he?

Heís the former guitarist of The Smashing Pumpkins.

Oh okay. Yeah also the minimalist stuff, and also The xx. They like The xx, I also like them a lot. That minimalist stuff with a statement is great. Thatís what I try to do, thatís my thing. I try to be minimalistic with notes, thereís not a hell of a lot of them. I donít want to give people too much information.

Now one more kind of two parted question about the new material. Whatís your favorite new song youíve recorded so far, and were there any differences recording without a woman in the band?

The music that I like the most, I like playing ďMagdalenaĒ a lot. I didnít really feel a difference without a woman in the studio. Because you put your head down and you work. What it is, itís work for us. People might think itís fun, no no no, not for me anyways. I put my head down and just suffer coming up with parts, Iím just suffering the whole time. I donít have time to think about who is in there (laughs). Itís just all about me me me me me, and the person hitting record.

Now my final question is about the future of the Pixies. Are you guys in it in for the long haul at this point, do you see yourselves being around 5 years from now? Also what do you think is the future of the bassist situation?

5 years from now hopefully we have 4 more albums under our belt, and hopefully theyíre as loved as our old catalog. Regarding the bass player situation, we would be really sad if Paz decided to move on. Because she is a traveling minstrel, we hope she would stick around. We canít control that, so I canít even answer that question. I can only say that we want to record new albums, but we canít control who is going to be Ďtheí bass player. But Iíll tell you now, weíre fully enjoying her.

Thatís very cool to hear about hopefully more new albums. Thanks a lot Joey, thanks for being honest during this interview and have a good one.

You too! Good questions by the way.

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* Dog in the Sand *

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Posted - 02/19/2019 :  02:15:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Iíve already said, just because my kids love it and I like the sophistication of it that they are finally liking, just because itís out of the Disney music genre, is Lorde.

Thatís funny because I was interviewing James Iha a couple weeks ago and he mentioned that he loved her.

Yeah. Who is he?

Heís the former guitarist of The Smashing Pumpkins.

Oh okay.


it's educational
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