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T O P I C    R E V I E W
trobrianders Posted - 06/19/2013 : 03:04:59
TV shows and the like. Just started watching The Returned (Les Revenants), a French Twin Peaksy drama series about a bunch of coach crash victims who return from the dead to their Alpine town. Neither the victims nor the townsfolk know why this has happened. The drama is played completely straight, I think that's why it's so gripping. Two episodes in so far. Denis you been watching?

Ed is the hoo hoo
35   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
pot Posted - 09/22/2023 : 11:26:50
One or two nice celebrity cameos in the latest season of It's Always Sunny - I'll not say in case it's a spoiler for somebody - great stuff again - utterly mental slapstick comedy - up there with all the all time best US comedies now I'd say
Bedbug Posted - 08/25/2023 : 07:09:32
Looks like Dune 2 is being delayed due to the writer strike. Wonder how much longer
pot Posted - 07/20/2023 : 23:08:09
Half way through series 2 of Detectorists - BBC comedy started in 2014 just turned up on the Netflix - Mackenzie Crook of The original Office fame's creation about a metal detectorist club somewhere around Saxondale in England - it's really fucking good actually and I'd say has a bit of an edge on some of the more recent comedies from Gervais
pot Posted - 05/28/2023 : 12:05:01
Nope - looks good though see if I can get that bagged while I'm still on 6 months free
Bedbug Posted - 05/28/2023 : 09:39:11
Pot forgot if this already came up but have you watched The Silo on Apple at all?
pot Posted - 05/27/2023 : 02:13:51
Just watched the first episode of Natasha Lyonneís new series Poker Face - hitting the ground running - looking forward to the rest of this

Weird though that just after Anne Heche is whacked for the documentary on elite child sex trafficking she was working on this series comes out - coincidence or part of a psyop to plant the idea in the maleable heads of the masses that elite child sex rings are nothing more than a work of fiction ?

Either way - first episode nails it - real Tales of the Unexpected ending - but still 5 more eps to goÖ

Oh but now Ep 2 is picking up the storyline and introducing new characters - and what a cast - lots of faces youíll know from Looper which as it happens was also directed by Rian Johnson whose baby this is - so already some indisuputable talent there

Iím also getting a bit of a Better Call Saul vibe from it too with the slightly cryptic plotlines which are so cleverly woven together and the rewarding plot twists - no more spoilers

I think it will go down well with a few of the regular contributers to this thread
Bedbug Posted - 05/06/2023 : 13:08:00
Watched the Banshees of Inisherin

I am all for enjoying movies that I do not get, but man I did not get this movie.

If anyone from that part of the globe would like to shine some light that would be much appreciated.

Enjoyable enough experience but I was lost

Also, Love and Death with Elizabeth Olson is good, especially if you like things like The Staircase

pot Posted - 05/02/2023 : 00:46:04
I suppose if they did something similar in Scotland I might feel differently - but it's just a film. At least in Braveheart the plot was serious and most of the actors were Scottish

The world is full of people claiming Scottish ancestry too - I just take it as a compliment. This WMT though is just an almost fairytale story told in the setting of an idylic Irish farm village

I liked it

Originally posted by Newo If you've never been to Ireland,

I have been once - for my stepbrother's wedding in Dublin in 1990. I went to Dublin.. for One Day

Horrible, sleepless, cramped journey in the back seat of a Mini Metro across on the ferry to NI and back. Me an my mate from school got hooked up with a couple of bonny Irish lasses at the reception and I even wrote a letter to mine but nothing became of it
Newo Posted - 05/01/2023 : 16:22:32
"Plastic Paddy is a slang expression for the cultural appropriation evidenced by unconvincing or obviously non-native Irishness," from the venerable Wikipedia. We use that term quite often, mostly in reference to Irish-Americans who make a meal of their tenuous links to the motherland, and Wild Mountain Thyme was made by one of those people. If you've never been to Ireland, yeah sure the scenery in the film is nice, but to give you an idea, WMT reads to a native as if Braveheart had William Wallace riding into battle on the Loch Ness Monster while playing the bagpipes - just so many stupid and lazy stereotypes crammed into the frame together that the only sincere reaction is one of derision. Imagine if everyone in Trainspotting wore kilts, that's Wild Mountain Thyme.


Allen Ginsberg says you got no soul. The ancient Egyptians say you got seven of these bastards, and Pharaohs got fourteen, what they get for being Pharaohs.
pot Posted - 05/01/2023 : 05:29:29
Do the yanks ever complain about all the British actors pretending to be American in all these shows and films that seem to feature an awful lot of English actors putting on American accents - with varying success - can't say I've ever heard any that were so bad

Is there a shortage of real American people to play these parts or something?

It's called "acting"

Oh right

It is though

Stop trying to ruin my Emily Blunt fantasies!
pot Posted - 05/01/2023 : 01:58:50
Originally posted by Newo

It's extremely grating to Irish ears, I can assure you. Dodgy accents and ripe stereotypes everywhere, had the whole country laughing or cringing or both upon release. Glad you enjoyed it, just FYI that plastic Paddy stuff doesn't go down well here (but tbf, the intended audience is not native Irish but rather Irish-flavoured Americans, as there are 30 million of them)

Plastic Paddies? Oh come on it's just a feel-good romcom

I take it you're in Ireland then Newo - I looked up the filming locations and it's apparently filmed in Country Mayo or something - if nothing else it had some plretty lush Irish countryside

I suppose those from Ireland might have a problem with the accents but you know it's just a film - part of acting is playing characters different from your own and part of that can involve putting on an accent - if they'd used all Irish actors then Christopher Walken and Emily Blunt wouldn't be in it

It's like Braveheart - as a Scottish person I can hear Mel Gibson's accent is a bit dodgy - and it's historically inaccurate - but it's still a great film !

I've seen plenty of other Irish films recently featuring genuine Irish people but they're all about guns and violence and gangs and stuff - good films too but less uplifting

All I can say is I thought it was a beautifully made film and all the acting parts convinced me well enough - I mean we are talking some of the best Hollywood actors to play the "plastic paddies"
Newo Posted - 04/30/2023 : 17:15:27
It's extremely grating to Irish ears, I can assure you. Dodgy accents and ripe stereotypes everywhere, had the whole country laughing or cringing or both upon release. Glad you enjoyed it, just FYI that plastic Paddy stuff doesn't go down well here (but tbf, the intended audience is not native Irish but rather Irish-flavoured Americans, as there are 30 million of them).


Allen Ginsberg says you got no soul. The ancient Egyptians say you got seven of these bastards, and Pharaohs got fourteen, what they get for being Pharaohs.
pot Posted - 04/30/2023 : 14:28:04
Originally posted by Newo

that film was the laughing stock of Ireland when it came out, and Emily Blunt's accent sounded like a seal on Xanax.

A seal on Xanax - or Seal on Xanax?

Not really sure what either of those things sound like but I thought her accent was fine
Newo Posted - 04/30/2023 : 13:03:34
that film was the laughing stock of Ireland when it came out, and Emily Blunt's accent sounded like a seal on Xanax.


Allen Ginsberg says you got no soul. The ancient Egyptians say you got seven of these bastards, and Pharaohs got fourteen, what they get for being Pharaohs.
pot Posted - 04/30/2023 : 02:26:04
Wild Mountain Thyme is Amazeballs - watched it last night and if I'm honest just about had to get the old box of hankies out at the end

It's not overly gushy - just a very good romcom

Christopher Walken in I guess one of the his last film appearances now as he is really old - best performance I've seen from him in a while actually I think he's maybe got a bit unlucky with the film roles since The Deerhunter

Written and Directed by John Patrick Shanley who has previously bagged awards and Oscars in the distant past for screenwriting - absolute 10/10 job on this though it's just a joy to watch from beginning to end - all the gorgeous Irish countryside and I think best performance for me has to go to Emily Blunt playing an Irish farm girl (I wouldn't mind rolling around in the hay with her some day in July) She just fucking nails it everything she's in - one the most talented Hollywood actresses of our time for sure
Bedbug Posted - 04/01/2023 : 18:19:25
Watched a MLB baseball game on tv for the first time in years and enjoyed the experience quite a bit
pot Posted - 03/29/2023 : 16:46:54
Terry Matalas writer of some Enterprise (hugely undervalued contribution - the series) liked my two tweets this week about the latest Star Trek: Picard episode - which sees the official (sort of) return of the original TNG crew on a starship somewhere

I have to say (other than one or two minor irritations) the whole arc and TNG characters has been thus far pretty epic

S1+2 of Picard were questionnable - but this season so far has not descended into fuck land as most of the crap the new Star Trek overlords have conjured up so far - and some of the orig characters are BETTER like Worf who is like Morgan frm TWD but way cooler and Dr Bev Crusher is just there.. like she never went away but now an old woman with really cool hair - I think she is shining

New Data is so cool as well - Brent Spiner always said he couldnít always play Data because of aging - but these days with all fancy computer effects and stuff ? I think they have done a good job reproducing the sets and all from the original series but Data was so cool like a bit slightly old school schi fi sinister maybe at one point?

I hope they donít go on to fuck it all up with a tripe festival - so far Iím in love like I was in love with TNG back in the day (Iíve met Worf, Troi, Mr Homm (the nicest one I met in a signing queue and the only one to ever ask if I wanted a personal signing), Majel Barret, Q, and from the classics Scotty and Uhura (who unlike Mr Homm was very cold and when I asked for a personal signing repeated some legal statement and then just look at me like ďyou want this writ nigga?Ē

Bedbug Posted - 03/11/2023 : 14:35:07
I feel pretty much the way you do re: last of us. Good not great.

Enjoy the Staircase
Troubles A Foot Posted - 03/10/2023 : 14:40:03
Almost done with Last of Us. It has things I really like, it's shot beautifully, the production value, and the two main characters. Unfortunately there isn't much of a story. It feels like nothing happened in the entire first season. I feel myself growing impatient. You can only get by on pretty pictures and solid actors for a while. You've got to give people a reason to watch...a NEED to see what happens next.

Me and my...WIFE (MARRIED 3 DAYS AGO!) are watching The Mindy Project, which she's obsessed with. It's just a funny romcom sitcom, but it's actually hard to find stuff like that so she gets really into it. It's fun. Lots of laugh out loud funny lines.

I started checking out The Staircase, the HBO series that essentially, kind of pointlessly dramatizes the documentary The Staircase. I'm not sure I get the need for this show, but it's well made and the performances are great. It feels kind of gross and exploitative at times though.
pot Posted - 02/24/2023 : 03:42:07
Star Trek Picard Season 3 seems to be hitting the ground running - Iíve waited nearly 30 years for this and watched the final season of TNG in 1994 at Star Trek conventions in Glasgow - at a convention where Patrick Stewart was booked in a surprise guest but had to cancel (wish they hadnít told us)

Hope the plot doesnít end up all over the place as it did in S1 and S2 - asides from being obviously part of the NWO UN Agenda 2030 One World Government Psy-op (the reason why I think they brought it back) the story and characters so far have been as good as anything from TNG days
pot Posted - 02/04/2023 : 13:48:38
Copenhagen Cowboy is some real dark shit - at the same time though good art - foreign film Danish I think about Albanian whore gangs and psycho killers - nice dark synth wave soundtrack
Bedbug Posted - 02/03/2023 : 14:31:47
The Last of Us is pretty good so far

Source material is a video game?
Bedbug Posted - 01/27/2023 : 18:04:37
I forgot how much FBF is in This Is 40
Bedbug Posted - 01/03/2023 : 05:52:22

Well I'm impressed. I remember you listed a lot of your shows one time and it was quite the resume
Troubles A Foot Posted - 01/01/2023 : 21:55:07
I wouldn't call it work!
Bedbug Posted - 01/01/2023 : 16:14:24
Episode 6 was the highlight of the whole series. I believe she got a nomination based just on that episode?

Congrats on your work, keep us posted on where else to find you.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 12/31/2022 : 23:26:43
My mistake, I'm in episode 6, in the office next to her. That seemed to be a much longer scene when we shot it. They only used a tiny second of it.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 12/26/2022 : 15:11:43
One shot I am next to Liz, and I reach over and talk to a coworker after she gets up, and another shot I am in a different outfit, across from that previous spot, kind of behind a computer, typing away...No idea if you'll be able to see me though I do remember the camera being right at me! That was a really exciting day.
Bedbug Posted - 12/26/2022 : 04:55:49
Originally posted by Troubles A Foot

Hey I'm a background extra on Fleishman! I'm pretty sure the final episode. Look for me next to Liz Caplan in her office.

Not watching much at the moment...

No kidding? Can't wait to check it out when it comes out. I'll look for you.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 12/24/2022 : 22:35:50
Hey I'm a background extra on Fleishman! I'm pretty sure the final episode. Look for me next to Liz Caplan in her office.

Not watching much at the moment...
Bedbug Posted - 12/23/2022 : 05:40:08
Fleishman (thumbs up) is great, funny and painful

Harry and Meghan (thumbs up) curious to hear what others think of these people. I found it an interesting show.

Andor (thumbs down) has its moments but overall just more mediocre SW fan fiction. I think a good name for a show would be ďAnd/orĒ

Into season two of Colombo. Brilliant
pot Posted - 12/22/2022 : 12:59:36
Just finished the new Netflix series 1899 - wow! Drags on a little bit sometimes but if you stick with it there are rewards - even though the ending is kind of predictable it was still pretty epic and the whole thing is a cinematic masterpiece with some great acting. Think Lost on a ship. No more spoilers other than to say Emily Beecham is pure sex.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 12/02/2022 : 07:41:58
STARTED THE SHIIIIEEEEELD!! I've been trying to make this happen with my fiance for YEARS!

No spoilers. NONE. That's all!
pot Posted - 11/28/2022 : 13:53:41
The Forgotten Battle on Netflix is a pretty good WW2 drama - if you liked 1917 which isn't a bad film then this is better - a snapshot of the lives of some people at the end of WW2 - set mostly in Zeeland and featuring a 50:50 of English and Dutch/German - not too much to make it a chore reading the subs though. Focuses more on the characters and individual lives than the politics of the war - got more substance to it than 1917 - very moving at the end. Terrifying also to think that this hole of corruption over in the Ukraine right now is filled with Nazi battalions and god knows what else now running around with a ton of our dirty money and all sorts of weapons, so strange and uneasy times to be watching stuff like this. But check this out anyway it's very good.
pot Posted - 11/19/2022 : 12:14:02
Originally posted by Stevio10
Finished this the other night, thoroughly enjoyed it. Wasn't sure exactly where it was heading until the last couple of episodes but didn't expect it to head in the direction it did - which is a great credit to the writing. Agree on the acting quality, all good and nice to see Trevor from Eastenders again - he was great in Chernobyl! The mum / son relationship was intense, as a parent to a non verbal autistic child myself, I found myself relating to some of those emotions. I digress but yeah Peter Capaldi character very interesting - I hope there will be other seasons / spin offs / prequels or sequels - there's a lot that could be explored.

It surprised me towards the end at how deep and intruiging it all was turning out to be. I though Jessica Raine gave an amazing hearfelt performance - I think I started to fall in love with her while I was watching it actually. The final episode was actually a little bit emotionally difficult to deal with in such a profound way - it basically took an interesting ontological hypothesis and ran with it - I'll be very interested to see what the producer of this series does next? Some guy called Tom Moran - I wonder if any relation to Bob Moran (the disgraced political cartoonist who was sacked from the Legacy Media for not following the narrative on COnVID; who is now 10 also times more famous/notorious and probably making more money than he did before anyway)? Funny seeing Steven Moffat as one of the exec producers on this too - he ruined Doctor Who basically so no idea what his involvement with this project was? Shite people can sometimes become good people

Defo one to hit up for a second helping I'd say

Still waiting for Chernobyl to come up on a Netflix or summat - Trev from Eastos is bad ass

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