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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Bedbug Posted - 05/21/2017 : 01:58:13
I haven't had cable tv since 2009.

Had it installed yesterday just to watch TP3.

Looking forward to discussing with any forum members who are going on the journey.
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Bedbug Posted - 08/30/2022 : 03:36:03
Yeah it was a great experience seeing FWWM in the theatre. We went opening day (obviously) and the theatre was pretty empty which only added to the experience. Me and my friends who were TP fans loved it and never wanted it to end, our friends who weren't TP fans couldn't wait for it to end yet seemed genuinely frightened throughout the movie which I thought would be enjoyable for them since they liked scary movies. Anyway, FWWM really is, as your friend said, a gift to the fans. I wish Lynch would have been able to make the other sequels and spinoffs that he had in mind at the time, but all's well that ends well.

Wow! Great pictures thanks for sharing. I bet those where excellent experiences for you. I think the Mike / Leland intersection would have been a creepy place to see in person. Would love to hear more.

Off topic: I just got around to watching Married to the Mob (1988) to check out Dean Stockwell's oscar nominated performance, and when reading up on it I came across this piece of trivia which you may already know: "According to the commentary track of their compilation video Direct from Brooklyn (1999) the video for They Might Be Giants "Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head" was shot using this movie's tails and unused film." From IMDB
Troubles A Foot Posted - 08/29/2022 : 23:09:57
Wow, that is very cool you saw FWWM when it premiered. I've seen it at a screening a few years ago, and probably will again in the future, though I get kind of stressed out watching Lynch movies with audiences because the chance of people laughing in parts that I find very sad or scary is quite high.

Yeah, my friend said a similar thing actually. I showed him all of Twin Peaks and when we got to FWWM he called it "a gift to fans." It basically has everything I loved about the show with all the less interesting stuff cut out.

I forget if I told you Bedbug, but not long ago I took a few road trips to as many possible Twin Peaks locations in Washington that I could find. Literally nothing too small or random. In terms of FWWM exclusively, I visited the site of Hap's Diner, stood in the river Teresa Banks is floating down, and by that river is the forest trail area where many things happen, including Laura and Bobby's confrontation with Mike, Bobby finding baby powder (deleted scene), the Deer Meadow sheriff station, the area where they have the boxing match (deleted scene), Sam Stanley and Chester Desmond standing and discussing stuff right in front of a mountain, Fat Trout Trailer Park, the intersection where Mike yells at Leland, Leo's house, RR Diner (obviously), Laura's house, the motel Leland sees Laura and Teresa at, etc, etc, etc, stuff from season 3 of the show as well.

Here's links, hope they work:


The motel and climbing the mountain next to Twin Peaks mountains: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10158334697245835&type=3



And our first attempt a year before: https://twitter.com/ohhijordan/status/1040434216461365248

and it continues here: https://twitter.com/ohhijordan/status/1040435372512165890
Bedbug Posted - 08/27/2022 : 18:49:50
Hard to believe it was 30 years ago this month that I went into the theatre to watch TPFWWM.

What a great movie!

I remember my friends and I were like, "we hope it has enough of the lodge." We weren't disappointed.

It might be the greatest film ever made, definitely top ten.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 03/18/2022 : 15:16:20
I got kind of burnt out on Twin Peaks videos, and I find many of them frustrating (due to strong disagreements I have.) I hate Twin Perfect, what a shithead.

I like Corn Pone's though I disagree on a few things too.

The going home one does sound interesting...
Bedbug Posted - 03/18/2022 : 10:32:01
Iíve been watching a lot of TP analysis videos (again) on YT.

A couple of them take time to refute Twin Perfectís theory, which I am still neutral about but admire the time and effort he put into it.

There was another video that strung together all the times characters in seasons 1-3 and FWWM say something about ďgoing home.Ē It kind of blew me away to see that many references, if I can find it again Iíll link
Bedbug Posted - 04/10/2020 : 09:27:51
Why Cooper's entrance is so brilliant.

Bedbug Posted - 04/10/2020 : 09:24:21
Remembering the women of Twin Peaks

Bedbug Posted - 04/09/2020 : 09:04:06
NY Daily News article on locations

Bedbug Posted - 04/09/2020 : 09:01:36
Times article on 30 years

Bedbug Posted - 03/27/2020 : 01:15:11
Yeah, it was pretty bad. Feels like it was written by someone who heard of TP but hadnít really seen it
Troubles A Foot Posted - 03/26/2020 : 23:09:59
Where do you even begin with a ridiculous byline like "As great as Twin Peaks season 3 was, it failed to bring the story of Dale Cooper and Laura Palmer to a definitive end"

"That's interesting, but dramatically, it's not very satisfying."

This is the stupidest shit concerning Twin Peaks I've ever read, and I've read lots of stupid shit about Twin Peaks. This is what passes for television write-ups these days? This is pathetic and stupid. It's like as anti-intellectual as it gets.
Bedbug Posted - 03/26/2020 : 12:24:04
Season 4?

Bedbug Posted - 03/18/2020 : 06:43:20
Kyle Maclachlan admits he doesn't understand all of Twin Peaks

Bedbug Posted - 02/10/2020 : 10:26:55
Glad to hear the words "David Lynch" mentioned at the Oscars last night.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 01/26/2020 : 20:02:57
New generation of TP fans, loads and loads of horrible annoying posts on the Twin Peaks reddit...
Bedbug Posted - 01/26/2020 : 16:42:25
It really was a lot of fun.

Great to see TP season 1 streaming on Netflix. New generation getting in on the mystery.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 01/22/2020 : 18:14:45
It's great.
Bedbug Posted - 01/22/2020 : 12:08:31
New Lynch short film on Netflix looks interesting. Gonna try to watch it this week. Something about a monkey who may or may not have committed a crime.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 12/15/2019 : 10:40:10
That is dumb cause it's a show but whatever, happy to see it get props. It's bizarre to me that because the script is written and the footage was shot "as a film", they seem to discount...the editing and postproduction which made it into tv show episodes, and quite poetically and deliberately too (the Roadhouse performances, the moments over the credits, the pacing, etc, etc, intentional or not.)

People are way too hung up on how things start and not how they ended up. It ended up a tv show!
Bedbug Posted - 12/12/2019 : 04:32:27
Twin Peaks Season 3 has been named the best film of the decade

Troubles A Foot Posted - 12/07/2019 : 20:51:34
The one part I liked a lot from the video was the mention of the puddle outside the Roadhouse being such a similar concept to the puddle of black oil in the entrance to the Black Lodge(?), which was a cool visual motif I never caught before.

But whenever he points out a cool thing in that video he kind of ruins by going "and then it's about TV!!!"
Bedbug Posted - 12/04/2019 : 10:00:41
I hear you. Good points.

I still learned a lot from the 4.5 video, again, not saying I agreed with his overall point, but some of the parallels he draws are uncanny and I hadn't heard them all before.

But of course I agree that it seems kind of lame to say that TP is David Lynch lecturing us about consumable tv violence. But who knows.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 12/01/2019 : 18:41:14
I mean, I don't really respect him because I hated the video. I guess there's a lot of man hours put into it, and sure I respect that as a basic concept, but it's man hours put into something I think is fundamentally hurtful to the life of the show and also just ridiculous, arrogant, and overwrought. The more I think of the video the more I find to dislike about it.

I'll quote from a post on the twin peaks reddit that nailed my feelings on it, made by somebody else, though I did suspect he was paraphrasing some posts I had made on the subject a few days prior. Anyway:

In short, I find the warm reception to Twin Perfect's four and a half hour long explanation video rather depressing.

It's a didactic and silly theory. Yes, there is a strain of meta-commentary throughout Twin Peaks, but to view it entirely as a piece of media criticism is such a banal take. This isn't quite as terrible as the Twelve Rainbow Trout video, but it's perhaps even more irritating.

David Lynch does not hate modern TV. Yes, he has criticized aspects of it over the years, but he has also praised Mad Men, Breaking Bad and True Detective, and frequently calls cable television the "new art house". Aside from this, he says he does not watch much TV, so the idea that he undertake such a mammoth project just to critique the medium in such a shallow way seems suspect. For all the apparent research on display, the theory totally ignores context when it isn't helpful to the case. Twin Perfect casually incorporates episodes which weren't written or directed by Lynch into his argument, and he doesn't even speculate as to Mark Frost's creative intentions - this is despite the fact that Frost was effectively captain of the ship throughout season 1 and especially 2. Is it really plausible that throughout this period Lynch kept on sticking his head through the door, insisting that everything be kept on track to fulfil some clumsy, overstretched metaphor he apparently had in mind?

The idea that everything in the show must be filtered through a single governing idea is also flawed. If you look at a work of art and consider what it seems to be evoking, the ways in which it resonates, you can have an interesting and substantial discussion. When you settle on a "theory" and watch every scene thinking about how to crowbar your predetermined interpretation into it then you're just succumbing to confirmation bias and fundamentally misunderstanding art. By the time the video gets into discussing Ed and Norma it's so far gone into cloud-cuckoo land I'm not sure how anyone can take it seriously. It can't just be that Lynch and Frost are communicating something about art and commerce through the story of the Double R franchising, everything has to be a one to one metaphor. Ed must be Lynch, Norma must be Twin Peaks etc. It's the most simplistic possible understanding of symbolism, and it does a disservice to a thematically rich piece of work.

Every time this guy approaches a valid idea he ruins it by squeezing it into his argument. There are cycles of violence which we are all to keen to leave unexamined.... in TV storytelling. The fantasy of retaining one's youth and naive perspective is unsustainable... if you are a character from a cancelled TV show. There are forces of positivity and negativity which can be thrown out of balance... in poorly handled TV plotlines. Why be so reductive about ideas which are far more pertinent and powerful when applied to life and spirituality?

I would argue that the more self-referential moments of Twin Peaks actually operate in the opposite way to the one the video suggests. Lynch and Frost use our relationship with the show as a way of getting us to think about the passage of time, and the way in which people change or choose not to. Yes, James miming to a 25 year old recording of 'Just You' is a brazenly meta moment, but the effect of seeing a character we recognize from long ago, now grayer but still beset by hopeless infatuations and literally performing the same song is far more potent than Twin Perfect's interpretation could ever allow. Audrey's Dance and the withholding of Cooper operate in a similar way. We have a preexisting relationship to Twin Peaks and its characters, and the revival exploits that fact masterfully as a means of communicating how we relate to earlier moments of our lives.

In addition to all this, the guy's tone is so condescending and self-important. I particularly dislike the built-in defense that anyone who dislikes his video is just upset about how it destroys the show's sense of mystery, that he's just too damn correct about everything. But the truth is that he's not the first person to view aspects of the show in this way at all, he is just the first to ignore all other aspects of the show and turn a meditation on violence, trauma and consciousness into some nebulous diatribe about bad TV. The fact he keeps going with his Lynch impression despite how self evidently fucking terrible it is serves as the ultimate testament to his utterly unearned confidence.

I have since found out that Twin Perfect has a history of this kind of narcissism, having made a bunch of equally "definitive" videos about the Silent Hill series and lashed out at any criticism. For anyone looking for genuinely insightful and relatively humble Twin Peaks commentary I would recommend Corn Pone Flicks, Lost in the Movies, and the podcast Diane.
Bedbug Posted - 11/29/2019 : 06:45:26
I love all the different theories, and this guy but a lot of effort into his, and he makes a good case.

I'm not saying he's right, or that I think he's right. But you gotta respect fans that put in this kind of time and energy.

He definitely gave me some things to think about.

I watched another one recently where the speaker made the case that Audrey was the main character for the entire TP experience. That had some good points too, but I don't agree.

Saw another one that made a very big deal of the different cars used at different times in the show. I thought that was so far fetched until I saw the one I linked to above.

In any case, I hope people make more and more of these. The fact that someone can put together a 4.5 hour theory on a TV show illustrates the brilliance of the show.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 11/28/2019 : 06:18:25
I thought it was dumb and annoying!
Bedbug Posted - 11/25/2019 : 11:46:45
I'm only halfway through this but it's really good.

Bedbug Posted - 10/01/2019 : 11:03:13
I admire your critical thinking. I for one am not really clamoring for a 4th season anyway. But more Lynch is always welcome, so bring it on.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 10/01/2019 : 10:44:52
Still not buying it. That's just an article copying the other vague articles that have no actual information...It's probably some promotional thing for the box set or something, maybe they shot a fun extra feature.
Bedbug Posted - 10/01/2019 : 07:09:48
It really does sound like itís happening again again.

Bedbug Posted - 09/30/2019 : 17:11:03
If anyone could deliver, it's Lynch. But man, TP3 was perfect, not sure how he could follow it up. Maybe he'll take it in directions we couldn't imagine.
Troubles A Foot Posted - 09/30/2019 : 15:09:03
Sure, but if you read that there's not actually any information or content in the article. We've already known Showtime was hoping for more Twin Peaks. There's just no actual news there. It's kind of a confusing piece actually.

Maybe more interesting is that Michael Horse posted a pic of Hawk shushing Andy on his instagram today, but he could just be messing with people.

More conspiracy is that the Salish Lodge (Great Northern) was closed for two days mysteriously this month. But usually the Great Northern stuff is a set and almost never actually filmed inside there.
Bedbug Posted - 09/30/2019 : 14:41:24
Troubles A Foot Posted - 09/30/2019 : 14:22:50
I didn't see that headline, which is odd as I check Twin Peaks reddit and news sites literally every single day.

I'm not clear on why its news as Showtime said during the airing of season 3 that they'd happily take a season 4, but that's very different than Lynch or Frost making one, as season three took years to write.

I would want anything made by David Lynch. I'm particularly obsessed with Twin Peaks so yes.
Bedbug Posted - 09/30/2019 : 13:19:51
Iím about half way through Twelve Rainbow Trout: A Twin Peaks Fan Theory

Wow. Itís amazing what people can do. Definitely worth watching.

Also, just saw the news headline that Showtime wants a fourth season. Do you?
Bedbug Posted - 09/26/2019 : 16:22:31
Lynch fans have you seen this?



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