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United Kingdom
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Posted - 07/04/2006 :  09:31:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
They were selling something looking EXACTLY like these at the V Festival in 2004 when the Pixies played there. Around £25 if I remember rightly. They were being sold on the official merchandise stall, it looked like someone had gone down Army surplus and done a job lot of them.

Umbongo, Umbongo, they drink it in the Congo
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Posted - 07/04/2006 :  20:48:31  Show Profile  Visit chineselover's Homepage  Reply with Quote
In fact, to be honest, all reunion merchandise was a bit below par... pretty average for a band thats always had such creative art works as far as their record releases were concerned.
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- A 'Fifth' Catholic -

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Posted - 07/12/2006 :  19:30:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

"AS FAR as leg-ups in the music industry go getting the chance to work with a Pixies' producer isn't bad going.

Ronnie Stone, who has mixed albums for the likes of Sonic Youth and Mansun, is now weaving his magic with Homespun, a band seemingly on the verge of great things."


"‘‘Instead of playing songs from 80 years ago like most jazz bands, we're playing songs from 30 years ago. We have a very modern repertoire. We cover David Bowie, Beck, The Pixies.''"


"The Pixies retired from making new music and are content to coast on and on as a nostalgia-based touring-only operation in the vein of Chuck Berry."

"So when Minneapolis' Tapes N' Tapes picks up its instruments and pays homage to The Pixies and Pavement on its debut, The Loon, the band isn't shaking rock's foundations, but simply reaffirming them."

" "Cowbell" puts singer/guitarist's Frank Black whine in the middle of jangly guitar figures that sound like a mud-wrestling match between a lean and hungry Pixies and a young and bemused Modest Mouse."


"Boston in the early 1990s, she says, “was a time when, following the success of the Pixies, arty bands got signed”."


"Luckily, most of the hip kids that have gravitated to Spoon over the past four years don’t even remember when Matador Records released the band’s debut in 1996, much less recall it was widely regarded at the time as little more than the latest in a long line of Pixies ripoffs. Listening to Telephono 10 years later, it’s obvious that much of it was just that. In fact, when the cloud of noise kicked up at the beginning of “Don’t Buy the Realistic” dissipates, and everything goes quiet, you can almost hear “I was talking to Peachy Peach about a kissy-kiss.” Spoon’s first stab at a full-length isn’t bad, but in light of the brilliance of their last three releases, not bad sounds kind of thin. In 1996, Spoon was probably the best band vying for the Pixies’ crown, but now they are one of the best bands in the world."


"One reviewer called them "Willie Nelson meets the Pixies," but guitarist and former South Dakotan Mike O'Connor, not surprisingly, said there's way more to them than that."

""We're not quite as edgy as the Pixies, and I hate to put the word 'country' to our sound, because we're not a country band at all," said O'Connor."


"The beanie-wearing singer, aka Damon Gough, says he sought the help of imaginary pixies in writing his new songs."

"When asked how he writes his songs, the Chorlton singer, whose new album is called Born in the UK, said: "Someone asked me to try and explain how you write songs, so I came up with this analogy. I’ve got this tree that I go to in Chorlton Green and there’s a tree with a door on it and there is a door bell that plays melodies, so that’s where you get your initial melody idea and if the pixies are in they’ll answer the door and give you some lyrical content and you have to finish the song idea."

....Seeing as he appears in the Gouge doc, surely he'd get better inspiration form the 'real' Pixies!!


"The Carling Weekend is renowned for the dreaded 'band clash' syndrome, where you're often forced to agonise over your two favourite bands - Pixies vs Kasabian was a particular killer last year - so best get planning now."


"Look at the Pixies and Philly's Notekillers, returning after years away."


"Eventually, however, friends pushed him into taking a step favoured by many artists, including Black Francis of The Pixies; he put an ad in the paper."


"City & Eastern songs is a mix of acoustic guitars, rambling violins and spoken vocals and the kind of raucous sporadic punk you'd expect to hear on a Pixies album."

"Sounding like Leonard Cohen's Pixie's lovechild, Lewis weaves truth and fiction into stories told at an almost subconsious level, muttering verse into verse whilst acoustic guitars and violins interplay seemingly involuntarily along."


"R Bar No. 1 is a local-friendly Williamsburg haunt, half-hidden beneath the exhaust-belching BQE. The expansive, L-shaped room—sonically decorated with the Pixies and Sinatra—offers no-bullcrap décor and emphasizes gaming: pool, darts, Big Buck Hunter, the occasional televised sporting event and, evidently, sex."


"If Ickies is right, the future of orchestral music may very well rest in the hands of the generation that made The Pixies and The Roots popular and audiences can expect upcoming large-scale ensembles to look cooler, sound fresher, and - if they're lucky - whet even more musical palates than Mozart himself."


"Growing up in the same scene and timeline as Jawbreaker, there's quite a few similarities: the raw 24 Hour-like dirge of great standout "Take Care;" "Do You Want to Be Loved," which interestingly samples the haunting opening chords of Pixies' "Where Is My Mind" at its start; the Horace Pinker nodding verses of "Storm Clouds;" the burly stop-start tumble of "Anything"'s intro."


"Their 1929 collaboration, the short film "Un Chien Andalou," began with the image of someone's eye being cut open with a razor (fans of The Pixies will be quick to point to their song "Debaser" for further reference)."


" But just as Nirvana's success had its antecedents in '80s bands like the Pixies, Sonic Youth, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, the Geek Revolution of the '90s had precursors, like the 1984 movie Revenge of the Nerds."


"The Slip joined her for a klutzy Pixies’ cover, followed by their own “Even Rats,” which more successfully showcased their progressive chops."


"Rockers the Slip and veteran singer-songwriter Melissa Ferrick, who, along with Kitchell played a version of the Pixies' ``Wave of Mutilation," won best live act and best female singer-songwriter ."


"As an analogy, one of my favourite bands is Pixies. Now, Pixies didn’t know a thing about musical theory, about scales, about why you shouldn’t go from a B major to an F major. Or why you couldn’t use a drumstick to play a guitar solo. Did they need to know all that stuff before deciding to compose music? No. Sometimes ignorance can lead to real innovation."


"One of the things that made the Pixies reunion work so well and not turn into Frank Black’s Pixies was the simple fact it was the Pixies. When you looked on stage it wasn’t just Frank in the spotlight it was also Kim Deal smiling back at you puffing a cigarette and it was Joey Santiago with a little less hair on guitar backed by magic lover David Lovering hiding in the shadows on drums. Of course it’s the music but it’s also the people that you grew up with connected to those songs as well that makes the band, isn’t it?"

Edited by - Carl on 10/10/2006 09:31:30
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* Dog in the Sand *

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Posted - 10/10/2006 :  22:00:11  Show Profile  Visit prozacrat's Homepage  Click to see prozacrat's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
"One reviewer called them "Willie Nelson meets the Pixies," but guitarist and former South Dakotan Mike O'Connor, not surprisingly, said there's way more to them than that."

""We're not quite as edgy as the Pixies, and I hate to put the word 'country' to our sound, because we're not a country band at all," said O'Connor."

I just engineered this guy's new album. That's kinda funny. I didn't get much of a Pixies vibe while working on the stuff, though. Maybe it's a different Mike O'Conner.

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- A 'Fifth' Catholic -

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Posted - 10/11/2006 :  00:53:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Really?! The link is dead, but I did a bit of Googling, and the band in question is Dead End Armory-is that the same guy?


Left of the Dial

Greg Gillis
by K. O'Day

The things I’d give to be a fly on the wall at one of Greg Gillis’ legendary, semi-nude live shows. The man known as Girl Talk is the reigning master of the mash-up, and if you aren’t the type to dance around solo in your living room (or wherever your speakers are the loudest), then his latest, Night Ripper, may be wasted on you. This is party record that beats all for fun and games and is arguably the best dance recording ever. Derivative though it may be, anyone who’d deny this guy is talented at what he does needs to ease the hell up. Night Ripper is what Negativland’s Mark Hosler once called “plunderphonica” at its all-time best. You get so much music you know by heart —along with some things you may not want to know and quite a few things you’re probably trying to forget, but who cares. Imagine all this on a recording that you’ll actually want to listen to over and over again: Micheal McDonald (yikes!) meets Mariah Carey, with Genesis, Oasis, the Pixies, 50 Cent, Wheezer, the Verve, Manfred Mann, Eminem, Alicia Keyes, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, Slim Thug, Pharcyde, Nirvana, Nelly, Public Enemy, Nas, James Taylor, Paula Abdul, Arrested Development, Elton John, Biggie Smalls, Beyonce, Neutral Milk Hotel, Jefferson Airplane, Steely Dan, Missy Elliot, Gwen Stefani, Nin Inch Nails, Digable Planets, Kanye West, En Vogue, Better Than Ezra, Salt-N-Pepa, George Michael and so much more. It’s hard to pick a favorite track out of all this (and even harder sometimes to pick who’s on that favorite track), but I’ll leave you with this: From “Track 3,” lyrics from 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and Nas’ “Hate Me Now” over the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” and Wheezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” as backbeat. Or “Track 9” which mashes Jay-Z “I Know What Girls Like” with the Waitresses classic “I Know What Boys Like.” It’s just great.


"Diane McWhorter was visiting colleges in the South with her daughter Lucy, a high school senior, while listening to the Pixies song, Hey, on the car's CD player. It's a song whose chorus repeats the lyrics "We're chained" 17 times.

"Lucy said, 'If I were making a movie, I'd definitely put this song on the soundtrack,' " McWhorter recalled."


"Imagine the Pixies, Devo, Rocket from the Crypt, and the Cure all on one bill. That’s sort of the idea this Halloween downstairs at the Middle East, where TAXPAYER will be the Pixies, HO-AG will handle Devo, the APPRECIATION POST will mutate into Rocket from the Crypt, and CHAINLETTER will do their best to pass for the Cure. And there’s more. Before that show gets going at 9 pm, HONAH LEE’S LADIES NIGHTMARE will feature Honah and a “surprise back-up band” at 6, as well as the KEYHOLE BURLESQUE, VAGIANT as Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and SUNSHINE WARD as Exene. And you can stay the whole night for the bargain price of $15."


"The reunited Pixies unapologetically nicked the title (The Pixies Sell Out) for their reunion tour DVD, and the Pretenders referenced the album, albeit more obliquely, when they titled their career retrospective box set, Pirate Radio."

Edited by - Carl on 10/27/2006 00:48:17
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* Dog in the Sand *

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Posted - 10/27/2006 :  01:08:35  Show Profile  Visit prozacrat's Homepage  Click to see prozacrat's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
Okay. I don't think it's the same Mike O'Conner. I didn't think there'd be that many Mike O'Conners out of South Dakota that have a Willy Nelsonish sound. That clears that up. Too bad, though.

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- A 'Fifth' Catholic -

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Posted - 10/27/2006 :  01:47:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yeah, pity.

This is kinda funny:


Thursday, October 26, 2006
My Life Soundtrack…I Guess

Opening Credits: The Greatest, Cat Power

Waking Up: Rilkean Heart, Cocteau Twins

First Day At School: My Wandering Days are Over, Belle and Sebastien

Falling In Love: River Euphrates, The Pixies

Fight Song: Quien?, Juana Molina

Breaking Up: Gentle Moon, Sun Kil Moon

Prom: All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands, Sufjan Stevens

Life: Stain Glass Soul, Bill Mallonee

Career: Someday, The Strokes

Mental Breakdown: The End of Words, Dead Can Dance

Driving: (Vamos Intro), The Pixies

Flashback: Und von Stund an nahm sie der Jünger zu sich, St. John Passion, J.S. Bach

Getting back together: Out of Egypt Into the Great Laugh of Mankind, and I Shake the Dust From My Sandals as I run, Sufjan Stevens

Wedding: Ministry of Archers, Joy Electric

Birth of Child: The Trooper, Iron Maiden (Yep, that’s definitely Sara)

Midlife Crisis: Prayer of St. Antiochus, Morning Prayers and Prayers Before Sleep, Holy Cross Hermitage

Final Battle: Never Go Back, Camper Van Beethoven

Death Scene: I Will Never Be Normal (After This), Bill Mallonee

Funeral Song: Drag, Grant Lee Buffalo

End Credits: Stairway to Heaven, Camper Van Beethoven

# posted by Aaron @ 4:45 PM


Description: Paz Lenchantin of Perfect Circle and Zwan, Kim Deal of the Pixies and Breeders, Melissa Auf der Maur of Hole and Smashing Pumpkins, and Me’shell Ndegeocello - What do they all have in common? They are all female bass players that kick ass. The Lovekill also have a female bassist, Carla Cherry. The band is touring the states after releasing their new album, These Moments are Momentum. Does this Cleveland indie/punk band rock like the Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins? Check them out for yourself and feel free to make unfair comparisons to the some of the greatest bands of this generation. Doors at 6 p.m. $8.


Cactus / The Pixies – It’s the slow build that ends with Black Francis caterwauling. It’s the guitar grinding the days of your life way until you see that special someone. It’s the steady beat of the drums that so perfectly mirrors your heartbeat when you think about that person that’s so far way from you. But mostly it’s the lyrics….. “Sitting here wishing on a cement floor / Just wishing that I had just something you wore / Bloody your hands on a cactus tree / Wipe it on your dress and send it to me”. You know it’ll all be over soon, but it would be nice to have something that smells like them.


"Mental Breakdown
I'm Amazed - Pixies (Surfer Rosa)
I'd have preferred the Marching Song to go crazy to, but this seems like the harmful fun kind of mental breakdown."


Top Ten Filler Tracks

Alternative | Campy / Humorous | Other | Pop | Rock

Top Ten Filler Tracks

Half-songs. Failed experiments. Band in-jokes. Stupid rants. Inappropriate genre pastiches. Ah, filler. Ever since the pioneering of the album format, bands have used such dross to pad albums of theirs that simply didn’t have enough good songs to go around. People will often rant about how a 45-minute long album “would’ve made a good EP” or how a 140-minute monster of a double album “would’ve made a good single album.” People pick on records like The Clash’s Sandinista!, because it is made pretty much entirely out of such filler. Well, I pity these people. They are missing out and some of the most enjoyable stuff of these bands’ careers. Such songs might not be worth anything in substance, but a lot of them are just loads of fun. So, here are the ten best songs that by any reasonable judgement should have been left off of their respective albums. But thank god they weren’t.

10. “You Fucking Die!...I Said”- Surfer Rosa- The Pixies
The Pixies saw fit to give an entire track on their debut full-length, Surfer Rosa, to this priceless exchange between head honcho Black Francis and some other unidentified member. It's basically a minute-long dialogue with Frank exclaiming, “You fucking die...I SAID YOU FUCKING DIE!” and then trying to explain the faux pas to everyone. “Naw, I was talking to Kim...she said ‘don’t touch—anybody touches my stuff,’ and I said “you fucking die”...I was finishing her part for her. You know what I mean?” The song ends with a feedback squall, as if Black had just told a really corny joke. Which he just had, I guess.

9. “Punk Love”- 69 Love Songs- The Magnetic Fields
It’s probably inevitable that such a refined pop tunesmith as Stephen Meritt would fail at his first attempt at a punk tribute, but what the hell was he thinking with this song? It sounds more like Alvin and the Chipmunks covering the Beach Boys than The Buzzcocks. It’s quite a novelty tune, though, basically just consisting of various voices chanting “Punk love punk love punk rock love punk love” over an increasingly fast and increasingly annoying beat. Truly weird, but in its own irritatingly cute way, a fitting inclusion on the album.

8. “My Friend Goo”- Goo- Sonic Youth
Goo goo ga ga. This is probably the stupidest song Sonic Youth ever wrote. A lot of Youth fans hate Kim Gordon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them heard this song of hers first—Kim never sounded more grating than on this song. She rambles nonsense about her friend Goo, who “can play the drums in two,” and “likes to wear green underwear,” and listen to her sneer on “I know a secret about Goooooo and youuuuuuu!” And then, then comes the chorus, with Kim calling “and all the boys say,” a disinterested Thurston Moore responding “Hey Goo, what’s new?” Most lyric sites list the next line going “My friend Goo just goes ‘hey you,’” but I’d wager my Dirty: Deluxe Edition on Goo saying “P.U.,” which is just too funny for words. But the sound has an awesome bass line, and damned if you don’t find yourself chanting along (you’ll probably know all the words by about the second listen).

7. “Hare Krsna”- Zen Arcade- Hüsker Dü
Popular opinion these days favors the pop sheen of New Day Rising over the ambitious punk opera Zen Arcade. One of the complaints levied against Arcade is the amount of filler. They’re wrong, though—there are only two songs that can be construed as filler here, the forgivable “Dreams Reoccurring” and this. But WOW, is this filler. For some reason, the Huskers thought it wise take a detour on their magnum opus about teenage angst and general misery to chant “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare” over the bass line to Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy” and what sounds like a buzzsaw, buzzing for the whole song. The song’s inclusion on Zen Arcade is indefensible, but it’s still worth a relatively loud chuckle or two.

6. “The Crunge”- Houses of the Holy- Led Zeppelin
The Cringe, for many. Following an album that is more or less the definition of a 10.0 (Led Zeppelin IV), Houses of the Holy bats 7 out of 8, which is still pretty good. But god, this song does not belong here. “The Crunge,” following the mighty epic “Over the Hills and Far Away,” has Zeppelin sounding like The Average White Band, a love song of sorts that is basically complete gibberish. But boy, does Plant have fun with his James Brown impression, and John Paul Jones is right at home with that funky-as-shit bass line. And to this day, Zeppelin fans are still searching for that confounded bridge.

5. “Waitress in the Sky”- Tim- The Replacements
I can see the headlines now: INDIE ROCK LEGENDS STRIKE OUT AGAINST INHUMANE TREATMENT OF PASSENGERS BY BARBARIOUS STEWARDESSES, AIRLINE EMPLOYMENT DROPS 65 PERCENT. You really have to wonder what was going through lead singer Paul Westerberg’s head when he wrote this, probably the most ill advised and non-topical protest song in rock history. “Pay my fare, don’t wanna complain, when you get to me you're always out of champagne,” Paul sneers, closing with the rallying cry of “you ain’t nuthin’ but a waitress in the sky!” Winona Ryder loves it, though, and it’s one of the most swinging songs of the band’s discography. Few bands ever made the distinction so clear between their hits and their filler as The Replacements, but fewer still made their filler as enjoyable.

4. “Mad Lucas”- Last Splash- The Breeders
Last Splash is one of the greatest summer albums of the 90’s, bouncy, catchy and irresistibly hummable. Which makes the inclusion of “Mad Lucas” all the more puzzling, as it is arguably the slowest song ever recorded. “Mad Lucas,” technically in terms of beats per minute, might not be that slow, but the pacing certainly is. Whether it’s the minimal, shuffle beat, or the stuck-in-molasses bass line, or Kim’s tuneless, chopped up vocals, this song drags more than any other I’ve ever heard. Musically, it’s downright hysterical, and up there with The Fall’s “Eat Y’self Fitter” for the best shaggy dog joke-of-a-song ever.

3. “Brinx Job”- Wowee Zowee- Pavement
After the near-mainstream breakthrough Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, Pavement went sideways with Wowee Zowee, one the most bizarrely eclectic album of the band’s career. Nowhere is this new attitude on better display than on the Ween-esque funk of “Brinx Job,” maybe the strangest song thing the band ever recorded. Leader Stephen Malkmus memorably squawks, “WE GOT DA MONEY! WE GOT DA MONEY!” in his worst falsetto, at one point even turning the speed dial on his voice up to “squirrel,” over liquid guitars and inconsistent drums. The song barely lasts a minute and a half before collapsing in on itself, surreally transitioning into the most gorgeous song on the album, “Grounded.” But man, what a hilarious minute and a half that is.

2. “I Think I Smell a Rat”/”Aluminum”- White Blood Cells- The White Stripes
“Oh, I think I smell a raaaaaaaaaaaat......oh, I THINK I SMELL A RRRRRRRRAT!!!!” The lyrics, which go on to accuse kids of “thinking [they] know just where it’s at,” and “using [their] mother and father for a welcome mat,” seemingly just because they both rhyme with “rat,” are probably the worst Jack White has ever written. But if you somehow resist the urge to headbang along to this song (DUH NUH NUH-NUH NUH!!!!!) well, then what were you doing listening to White Blood Cells in the first place? To me, this song is inseparable with the one that follows, the appropriately titled heavy-metal instrumental, “Aluminum,” where Jack and Meg scream “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” at the top of their lungs over the sludgiest guitar riff since Bleach. Totally. Awesome.

1. “Wild Honey Pie”- The Beatles- The Beatles
One of the most famous half-songs in history (simply for its inclusion on a Beatles album), the one-minute rant “Wild Honey Pie” was left on The White Album simply because George Harrison’s girl Patti liked it so much. Well, god bless you, Patti, because by no other logic (and on no other album) would this song have made the cut. It’s just 60 seconds of The Beatles shouting “HONEY PIIIIIEEEE!” at the top of their lungs over some painfully discordant guitar. But have you ever tried getting together with a group of friends and tried singing along to this piece of insanity? It’s an unparalleled experience, really. The White Album pioneered for the next 35 years the way bands would use filler to pad their albums, using half-baked ideas and songs that well, must’ve sounded good at the time instead of just lesser recreations of the good songs on the album. And there is no better example of this than “Wild Honey Pie,” the greatest piece of filler to ever clutter an over-ambitious double album.


"Deal had already written a couple of songs for the Pixies, most notably Surfer Rosa's stand out track "Gigantic", and Pod confirmed that she was a genuine talent in her own right."


the pixies vs. ray kurzweil

Nov. 6th, 2006 at 11:36 AM

The Pixies, as they have looked in recent years. Photo from chartattack.com

Last night, instead of watching another hour of a three-hour interview with Ray Kurzweil on BookTV, I surfed over to PBS and caught a concert by The Pixies. Seems they did an Austin City Limits show in late 2004.

The Pixies are a band that slipped passed me, flew under my radar, etc., when they were really big, like fifteen-plus years ago. I blame myself for letting it happen, but I also write it off to being in a marriage to someone who has really never enjoyed music very much. There's a stretch of time, roughly equivalent to the years I was married, when I paid almost no attention to music and almost never bought a CD. My next wife has gotta be someone with an admirable music collection. I'd marry The Pixies' own Kim Deal, but I doubt she's interested. Besides, she'd probably kill me.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

If your life were a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

Here's how this meme works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. New question-- press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

Opening Credits:
Over My Shoulder — I am Kloot

Waking Up:
Cripple Creek Ferry — Neil Young

First Day of School:
A Conjunction of Drones Simulating the Way in Which Sufjan Stevens ... — Sufjan Stevens
A conjunction of drones sounds about right.

Falling in Love:
Hang on Little Tomato — Pink Martini

Breaking Up:
She Smiled Sweetly — Rolling Stones

Here it Comes — Modest Mouse
Considering I didn't go, maybe the line "the place and the time when we knew everything would go wrong" is appropriate.

Life's Okay:
I'm Amazed — Frank Black
Honestly, I didn't cheat.

Mental Breakdown:
I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to be Nicer — the Cardigans
...and I don't even drink.

Thorn in My Side — Eurythmics

Let Me Tell You About My Boat — the Life Aquatic Soundtrack

Getting Back Together:
More Adventurous — Rilo Kiley

Like Spinning Plates — Christopher O'Riley covers Radiohead

Birth of Child:
The Woodlands National Anthem — the Arcade Fire

Final Battle:
This Old Guitar — Neil Young
What a downer of a battle that's gonna be.

Death Scene:
Something Against You — the Pixies

Funeral Song:
The A-Team theme song
...and what an awesome funeral!

End Credits:
Tomorrow on the Runway — The Innocence Mission
Kleenex available at the exit. Please watch your step while exiting the theater.

Check out Ward's entries, where I hitched my wagon to this meme.

Posted by Ape Lad at 10:15 AM


Breeders - Divine Hammer. Everyone loves Kim Deal, and I think it is for the same reasons Boba Fett is so loved. Some people you see and you instictively find cool. So it is with Kim Deal. So much goodness on that particular album. Those merry pranksters set their song about summertime in a snowfield. There is no official video for No Aloha so here is a live version. And we need to throw some Pixies in there, so here's Dig for Fire. Oh and what the hell, I am a nerd so I must link to the nerdiest Pixies song ever, the Happening. Oh for the days when bands sang of the first encounter with alien life.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the pixies

first off; whats with the name? i mean the pixies? isn't that like some kind of fairy? if i am going to make that kind of music i wouldn't even dream about it. after a few spins of their albums though it makes perfect sense. after all joey santiago had the same reservations until he found out that pixies were actually evil and mischevious in their own way. after getting over the hangup of their choosen moniker, there remains the music.

i first heard the pixies in a british made documentary about music in the mid-80's following the demise of the widely appreciated demigods, the smiths. in it were mention of bands like the fall, the stone roses, throwing muses and of course a certain mr. charles thompson and his fellow bostonians. there was a small snippet of the band's no-budget video for 'here comes your man'. it was funny as hell seeing the band subverting the whole concept of lip-syncing by keeping their mouths wide open throughout the whole video while playing their respective instruments. the song just got lodged into my brain and refused to leave. after a few years i manage to get hold of a copy of 'doolittle' but during the intervening time i had also armed myself with the history of the band from various magazines. i played the cd but had to skip immediately to 'here comes your man' because i just couldn't get my head around the racket that was coming out of the speakers. on initial impact i was stunned. there was nothing to grasp on to. guitar chords just tumbled and tripped over each other and the screeching! what the hell! there was nothing like 'here comes the man' elsewhere on the album! i was literally thrown out to sea during a force ten gale.

for the next few days i was annoyed at myself for having wasted hard earned cash on a lemon. what were these people talking about? these guys are awful! with my tail between my legs i clung stubbornly to the one and only track i could listen to putting it endlessly on repeat. this went on for a while until one lazy sunday afternoon when i decided that enough was enough. i will spin the entire cd for once. my life changed that afternoon. once i was inducted into the secret society of the pixies there was no turning back. everything else just sounded so dated following 'doolittle'. nothing came close. absolutely no one was worthy of licking the sweat off the back of frank black's neck.

since their acrimonious breakup, there is a void that nobody has managed to fill. they are a one off in the annals of popular music. when they reunited briefly in 2004 their shows sold out in seconds. the diehard fans came out in droves but surprisingly there were also those who could not have been more than ten when they ran rings around the competition. rumor of an album of new material abounds but this has yet to materialise. until then we wait with bated breath.

Posted by hellfried at 2:46 PM


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

#410 The Pixies - Monkey Gone to Heaven


Numerology, sludge in the ocean, a hole in the sky -- what's it all supposed to mean? Said Francis (a.k.a. Frank Black), "The phrase 'monkey gone to heaven' just sounds neat." Producer Norton cleaned up the band's sound, adding the eerie strings, but the Pixies didn't bother to try for pop appeal. Said Francis, "It wasn't like we thought we'd get played on the radio."

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

#404 The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man


"Here Comes Your Man" is an alternative rock song by the Pixies, released as a single from their 1989 album Doolittle. It is one of their most famous songs and hit number 3 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.

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Kim was a huge music fan. She liked a lot of the same SST-type bands that Roger was turning me onto, but she was into other more obscure groups I’d never heard of, some of them came from the Boston scene that the Pixies had come out of. She was one of the few people I knew who had also heard of the Pixies in fact, and she remembered when they were called Death to the Pixies and that they had covered “Heaven,” the song the girl in the radiator sings in Eraserhead. She made me a tape with Dinosaur, Jr’s first two albums on it, with filler from Sonic Youth and Live Skull.


The Killers & Pixies Covered On New OC Compilation

Posted 20th November, 2006

The latest spin-off compilation album from The OC, sees a number of bands covering some well known tracks.

The 12 song collection is aptly named Covering Out Tracks and includes bands like Sex Pistols, Super Furry Animals and The Killers all being covered.

Offering the new versions are a host of names like Mates Of State, who recreate the show's theme tune and Lady Sovereign, who covers influential punk anthem Pretty Vacant. You can even listen to the latter on this site today.

Track Listing:

01. Float On - Goldspot (Modest Mouse Cover)
02. Turn My Camera On - Rock Kills Kid (Spoon Cover)
03. Pretty Vacant - Lady Sovereign (Sex Pistols Cover)
04. California - Mates Of State (Phantom Planet Cover)
05. Wasted - Pinback (Black Flag Cover)
06. Can't Get It Out of My Head - John Paul White (ELO Cover)
07. Debaser - Rogue Wave (Pixies Cover)
08. Hello Sunshine - Syd Matters (Super Furry Animals Cover)
09. Smile Like You Mean It - Tally Hall (The Killers Cover)
10. Come Into My Room - The M's (Clinic Cover)
11. End's Not Near - Band Of Horses (The New Year Cover)
12. Into Dust - Chris Holmes (Mazzy Star Cover)


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Throwback Thursday: The Pixies

I have to admit that this is one throwback that I have been wanting to do for a long time. The Pixies are one of my favorite bands. While they were only together a short time (ignoring their recent comeback), they did things that will forever be admired. They may not have ushered in college radio, but they certainly helped put it on the map. Any band that can be this melodic, eclectic and loud is always welcome in my CD player.

Come On Pilgrim (1987)
Holiday Song

Surfer Rosa (1988)
Where Is My Mind?

Doolittle (1989)
Here Comes Your Man

Bossanova (1990)
Dig For Fire

Trompe le Monde (1991)
Planet of Sound

Various Live Tracks
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Gouge Away
Wave of Mutilation

Bonus Track
The Shins - Holiday Song (live)


Oddly, when I first heard The Pixies, I thought Frank Black was an ex-Sugarcube. He just seemed Icelandic to me. From Magicsugarsnowland.


The Pixies
I moved to Boston during that epic period known as "Before Grunge Hit". During that time there was no term for the Pixies. They simply fit no mold. They were a "garage band" or "new era punk". But, they included haunting lyrics, off-beat harmonies, and humor in a way that defied those half-assed tags. In the end, they were their own animal, although hindsight 20/20, they were one of the godparents to the sound that ended up defining the early 90s. And LIVE, they were a reason to believe in God.


THE PIXIES - "MONKEY GONE TO HEAVEN": The Pixies are doing a new album. I love "Surfer Rosa," "Doolittle," the whole Pixies collection. I'm trying to get all the CDs put into the system. This might be one of my very favorites. I wouldn't say favorite, favorite but it's definitely one of my very favorites. I love "Where's My Mind," a lot. It reminds me of a friend of mine who was in a mental hospital. He played it for me. It seemed soothing. He was kinda' crazy. A good kind of crazy ... crazy funny.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Pixies

I hate to be the guy that says it, but Frank Black's solo efforts after The Pixies were way better than what he did with The Pixies. Now, just to justify my position, The Pixies were great. Without them we would all probably be listening to Janet Jackson or some such shit. Just so you know, I appreciate the eighties underground scene. However, His first 3 albums were more chock-ful-o-good shit than the entire Pixies catalouge. If I'm wrong... Tell me. If I'm full-o-shit... Well, you're probably wrong.

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It's an indisputable fact that few bands were more influential in the evolution of post-punk music than Mission of Burma. They inspired contemporaries like Gang of Four and Sonic Youth, and paved the way for bands to follow, including the Pixies and Nirvana. Not too shabby for a band whose career spanned four years (1979-1983), and whose body of work consisted of a couple of singles, an EP and one album.


In fact, we've had a moment of repudiation and not so long ago. The so-called alternative culture of the 1990s was various and changeable but on this point just about everyone agreed: celebrities were tedious bone heads, predictable, agreeable, and otherwise loathsome. Thus were the likes of Whitney Houston eclipsed by the likes of Frank Black and the Pixies. Thus was the 4 track studio born. Thus did all things garage, grunge, plaid and Portland triumph over the big studios and the house-hold brand-name celebrity.


By the age of 16, I knew it took precisely four seconds to hop from my bed to the tape player. I knew just how long it took to rewind the Pixies' Hey. And I would make this little journey, back and forth, back and forth, the way a sparrow collects twigs, as if I were building a nest up there on my eiderdown.


In the history of unlikely reunions that have launched on the stages at Coachella — among them Detroit garage-punk icons the Stooges and modern-rock godheads the Pixies — the reported reunion of Rage is among the least expected.


Pixies - Bad Dreams of the Olympix Mons

Blog thing about Pixies:



6) Pixies - It may seem contradictory to say but as hugely influencial as the Pixies were (are?) they only made two fantastic records as far as I'm concerned. Now by the time I first heard them (1988) 4AD Records had already combined Come On Pilgrim with Surfer Rosa, so my vinyl copy had both records, which I counted as just one long record. And then Doolittle came out a year later. That's it for me. Do I own Bossanova and Trompe Le Monde? Of course and there are some great songs on each but the one-two punch of Come On/Surfer & Doolittle laid me out. I'd go so far as to say there ain't a bad song on either of those first two records (including Come On Pilgrim).


We love... Pixies
Feb 28 2007
Tryst Williams, Western Mail

THOSE expecting an eulogy to the mythical green- capped elf-like creatures with a penchant for sitting on toadstools, look away now.

Because the Pixies who became one of the most influential and gloriously noisesome rock bands of their generation couldn't be further removed from the image of the cuddly creatures so beloved by Cornish souvenir shops.

Bursting on to the music scene in the late 1980s, the four-piece from Boston went from being one of the era's best-kept secrets to being name-checked as the biggest musical influence of a certain Mr Kurt Cobain.

And to be cited by the late lead singer of Nirvana, widely perceived as the most influential band of the 1990s, was no mean feat.

In fact, it's no stretch of the imagination to say that without Pixies (purists will sniffily remind you that there's no "The" in their name), the grunge scene and the whole face of today's alternative music might never have flowered in quite the same way.

Comprising lead singer Black Francis, guitarist Joey Santiago, bassist Kim Deal and drummer Dave Lovering, the band fused a punk-edged surf-influenced sound with the trademark yelping and yowling vocal delivery of Francis.

His lyrics, meanwhile, were a heady blend of crazed musings on the more violent Biblical stories, UFOs and surrealism. Hardly the stuff of Celine Dion.

In spite of - or perhaps because of - their raw, abrasive power, the band failed to find a mass market in their native US. But from their first UK tour with labelmates Throwing Muses, from the cult 4AD label, they built a burgeoning following throughout Britain and across Europe.

They would come no nearer to Wales than Bristol until their popularity and reputation carried on growing into the early 1990s. But those who attended those first sweat-drenched UK gigs at venues such as Bristol's Bierkellar could not have disputed their potential for greatness, ranking them alongside such seminal live acts of the past 20 years as The Stone Roses in their heyday.

Their reputation - and lack of mainstream success - was sealed when they split up amid some acrimony in 1993, after eight years together.

Just as the early deaths of Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, or the limited runs of The Office and Fawlty Towers, bestowed iconic status on things that were near-perfect but ended in their prime, so too did the band's all-too-early demise mean they would be remembered with a reverence denied such acts as The Rolling Stones.

Well, until they reformed in 2004 that is.

Black Francis, reinventing himself as Frank Black, went on to make some lacklustre solo albums that paled in comparison with the ear-delighting cacophony of his former band.

As with many such acts, their star continued to be in the ascendancy long after they split, as a growing band of new followers became switched on to Pixies' unique sound.

The clamour meant they finally decided to capitalise on the adulation of a new generation of fans 11 years after their demise with a clutch of new songs and a well-received return to the live arena.

Purists may maintain that some things should be left untouched. After all, all good things must come to an end. But surely only the most churlish could begrudge them for finally reaping the rewards that were denied them first time around.

Pixies - the seminal early albums

Come on Pilgrim - released in 1987, this mini-LP provided the first taste of things to come with bizarre songs about Biblical incest and Spanish caterwauling over surf guitars

Surfer Rosa - the first proper studio album dating from 1988, this still appears on critics' lists of cult albums for its washed-out surf guitars, and contained the early hit Gigantic

Doolittle - their third album in three years cemented their reputation for producing floor fillers at indie discos everywhere, with powerful songs such as Debaser and Wave of Mutilation

Bossanova - UFO paranoia and the Roswell incident provide much of the blueprint for Pixies' 1990 album

Trompe Le Monde - 1991 spelled a thunderous, harder-edged punk sound to the group, with this stand-out album giving us such classics as Jesus and Mary Chain cover Head On, the head-splitting Subbacultcha and the lambasting of college faux-intellectualism that is U-Mass


Then there have been the bands I found myself, bands that have changed my life: Pixies, the Velvet Underground, the White Stripes, the Mountain Goats. I remember the first time I heard the Pixies: in my best friend's lilac-painted bedroom, on her black twin tape deck, her long freckled fingers pressed rewind and play. There they sat, in the three and a half minutes between Bauhaus and the Dead Kennedys, on a compilation made by her older brother. My heart just stopped. The way traffic does, with a screeching of brakes, and a pause.

You love a band like this forever. Years later, you will still have pangs for all the things you did together. All those Friday nights on the back seat of the bus to town, with a bottle of Buckfast, my best friend and I, trying to howl like Frank Black. The hours the Velvet Underground and I laboured over my art homework together, me with my hands shiny with 4B pencil, Lou Reed weary from singing Heroin for the 16th time that day. The days the White Stripes walked me through the streets of London, serenading me with Hello Operator, Astro, Suzy Lee. Their new blues and the city spread out before me, succulent and ripe.

Musical crushes only placate you, they merely tell you what you want to hear, in a voice you've heard before. Bands you love seem to answer a question you didn't even know you were asking. They seem necessary in your life. And you feel like Black Francis did when he sang: "But hey/ Where/ Have you/ Been if you go I will surely die/ We're chained."


More into sports than music until he heard Sonic Youth and the Pixies in high school, Chad VanGaalen says it was then he realized 'music can be whatever I want it to be,' ROBERT EVERETT-GREEN reports

He was a bit shocked, three years ago, when one of his discs, Infiniheart, began showing up on college radio and Internet music sites. The phone started ringing, with calls to open at concerts by the Pixies, Wolf Parade and the Stars, and then the U.S. label SubPop got his number and offered VanGaalen a three-record deal that other, more worldly musicians might trample each other to get.

VanGaalen's career was a surprise from the start. As a kid, he was much more interested in sports than music, which only began to seem like a thing to do when, in high school, he discovered Sonic Youth and the Pixies, whose ragged, exploratory songs seemed more open-ended and inviting than anything he heard on the radio.


What's the best album ever made?

HK: In high school, Hari Kondabolu would've easily said Weezer's self-titled debut record, a.k.a "The Blue Album." However, in college, Modest Mouse's "The Moon and Antarctica" caught Hari Kondabolu's heart, as did The Pixies' "Doolittle." He now refuses to answer this question.

What's the best show you've seen live?

HK: Hari Kondabolu's best ever live musical experience was watching TV on the Radio at the Showbox in Seattle a year ago. He first saw them when they opened for the Pixies in New York City in December of 2004. He assumed watching the Pixies would be the greatest rock show of his life, and it was, for a moment. Until he saw TV on the Radio again. And again. And again...


Liz Janes, Son Lux -- After the Anathallo/Sufjan concert, most folks went to watch the Danielson Familye documentary. A couple hundred folks, including me, wandered over to the chapel, and heard some more music. Liz Janes, who is Asthmatic Kitty label head Michael Kauffman's wife, didn't move a whole lot, strummed her acoustic guitar (and occasional ukelele), and simply wowed me with her voice and her songs. There was a sweetness about her demeanor that reminded me of Victoria Williams. She sang the old Jesus Freak song "I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table," and followed that up with a cover of The Pixies' "Wave of Mutilation." She sang original worship songs. She sang Weezer covers. She did an a capella, soulful field holler thing that raised the hairs on the back of my neck. She was, in a word, great.


"The first band I was really into was Duran Duran to INXS to U2 to New Order to The Smiths and Joy Division concurrently, and then that changed to The Pixies to Nirvana, Pavement, and then I'd say Sebadoh, Yo La Tengo and then Guided By Voices," he rattled off easily.


Sellers also has good credentials to back up his tastes. He has invested heavily in the bands he likes, and done a lot of research. That gives him a more steady place from which to espouse his opinions, even though that's all they are - opinions. The appeal of the Pixies continues to escape me, and I do not share his near-maniacal worship of Ian Curtis. Joy Division is lousy, according to me. But I recognize the feelings behind the opinions, and that makes his self-assuredness palatable even when I don't like the band in question (Sellers' favorite album is The Queen is Dead by the Smiths, another band I don't "get," and he loves Dinosaur Jr., even though J Mascis sounds like a particularly nasally cat in heat).

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Here's one for you, Carl.


Rocker Iggy Pop to Voice "Lil' Rummy"
Guest Voices From the Music World Include Dave Grohl From The Foo Fighters,
Frank Black From The Pixies, Jeff Tweedy From Wilco and The Red Hot Chili

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Heh heh, great! That is worth a topic, Soren!

Couple more sites with the same story:




Port Folio Weekly journalists' top 25 songs of all time, including Pixies, of cours:


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Good find, Soren!


Oasis’ ‘Live Forever’ has topped Xfm/NME poll to find the 50 greatest indie anthem ever. The Libertines featured twice in the top 10, whilst Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear us Apart’, the Manic Street Preachers’ ‘Design For Life’ and the Pixies’ ‘Monkey Gone to Heaven’ had to make do with numbers 19, 30 and 35 respectively.

Pixies 104th in KROQ's Biggest Bands Of All Time list. Hmmm.

Dallas Observer.

It's difficult to admit it's probably the Pixies' fault. Their get-together at Coachella a while back and subsequent tour made a lot of 30-plus-year-olds happy, none happier than the band members themselves, who raked in their share of the nostalgia ducats, but that reunion's success turned Coachella—once a forward-reaching festival of edgy bands—into '80s Fest. More than that, it proved the point that taking advantage of nostalgia is profitable and low-risk. Why should a record company spend hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a band in the hopes that it might spawn a hit single, when a refined product with a pre-made market (35-year-olds who finally have money and who missed Depeche Mode/Psychedelic Furs/New Order the first time around) are already out there?

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Misc. lightly related eBay items

280132509346 Fake Songs [CD & DVD] - Lynch, Liam

220129280523 Set of Four Golden Pixies in the Original Box

250141458238 Ball-Hog Or Tugboat? - Watt, Mike

230151294297 Crime & Punishment In Suburbia Soundtrack

230150450542 Rocktron Midi Mate Controller Pedal

230150995460 Hand Gazer Effector 13 fuzz guitar pedal

180139813014 Men's Bostonian 22021 FRANK black 9.5 EEE
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The Observer Music Monthly (July 2007) - Top 50 Cover Versions

35 Pixies - Winterlong (1989) (orig. Neil Young, 1977)

The country-rockin' original becomes a surf-pop romance in the Boston indie heroes' version, buoyed by the boy-girl harmonies of Black Francis and Kim Deal.

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Peterborough Today.

Alternative clubbing: Planet of Sound

Staff Copy

PLANET of Sound, The Park's regular club night for fans of all things rock, continues its themed summer event tonight, July 27.

Summer Slaughter will see the venue's resident Planet of Sound DJs spin a mix of indie, emo, metal, and everything in between.

Taking its name from a song by Boston rock legends Pixies, the night is an alternative to the city's dance orientated events.

Doors open at 10.30pm. Entry is £3 before 11pm and £2 with a flyer.

Last Updated: 27 July 2007 9:51 AM

Seattle Weekly: Best Boutique Named After a Pixies Song: Velouria.

Drowned in Sound - O'Death: flocking to the unconventional.

At that show, we saw you cover Pixies (‘Nimrod's Son’) – are they an influence? Or is that a song that you just think fits what you do particularly well?
The Pixies are a fairly strong influence on us. Specifically we're impressed with the way they structure songs and the way the parts in the songs respond to each other. They’re an energetic band with an unconventional muse and that’s always exciting to see. They may have been one of the bands that made me, in particular, want to play music with other people, as the roles they play fit so excitingly into each other. So yeah, they're an influence beyond ‘Nimrod's Son’.

EW.com - What are your favorite movie endings?

Assistant managing editor Jason Adams had the ending of a different Norton movie in mind: ''Fight Club [pictured] has a pretty perfect final scene with the Pixies' 'Where Is My Mind?' kicking in before the credits.''

Houstonist: Interview: Carlos Sanchez of The Dimes.

How did it all start?

My brother Jose [bass guitar] and Iram, the drummer, started playing covers in the bedroom. After that, Iram, Cley, and I were in another band with Chris Patton. That band was going into an Interpol-type direction. We started getting into the Pixies at about that time, which changed our musical direction.

Speaking of The Pixies, you count them, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, and Velvet Underground as some of your influences. How did that come about, since you weren’t even born during the height of those bands’ popularity?

I really don’t know how we came to hear them. We just started listening to Sonic Youth, which led us to Bowie, then to Velvet Underground. And that has only been in the past two years. Hunky Dory was our favorite Bowie album.

Tennessean.com - Americana artist Gillian Welch is no stranger to rock . . . or rockers.

It's interesting that folk singer-songwriter Gillian Welch is considered a driving force behind the recent resurgence of traditional American music, as she also professes a less evident love for bands like The Pixies and Velvet Underground. Indie rockers have been returning the compliment in recent years, falling over themselves to siphon some of her provincial soul into their own work.

Independant Online Edition - Mama's plans for sweet music.

During the 1980s and 1990s, the Mean Fiddler concert hall in north-west London was one of the capital's premier music venues, regularly selling out shows by the likes of the Pogues and the Pixies. However, the venue shut down five years ago and has stood dormant ever since.

baltimoresun.com - Staging a comeback.

On the Pixies' reunion tour in 2004, the band would play its "official" last song, say goodnight, then stay on stage, listen to the cheers and pick up its instruments again. "It was sweet and touching," said music journalist and author Rob Sheffield. "It gave the impression that they wanted to hear us applaud."

36 Cents for Your Entire Brain - Hardly education.

It’s interesting to hear Marr fit in so smoothly with a vocalist that sounds much more like the Pixies’ Frank Black than smirky ol’ Smoke. It’s probably perfect timing for Marr, with a lot of bands channeling/imitating the sounds of that era. Gabe’s review nailed MM’s Isaac Brock’s unhinged yelp, which has sounded like a Pixies imitation when pushed through other mics. Brock is writing stuff that carries a frenetic power funneling the grinding, desperate need for a glimmer of hope in the tenuous situation in which we find ourselves.

ChartAttack.com - Siouxsie Goes Solo With Mantaray.

Frank Black asked folks to "do the manta ray" years ago in a Pixies song. Today, punk songstress Siouxsie Sioux would like you to buy her first proper solo album, Mantaray.

canada.com - Crowded House in concert.

Save for a few notable exceptions -- The Pixies, The Stooges, David Lee Roth and Van Halen -- most musical reunions are rightfully viewed with a certain amount of suspicion or even indifference, labelled as late cash-ins or pathetic attempts to remain current.

Nashville Cream - Long Weekend: Get Trashed.

How will you celebrate Labor this weekend, Nashville? Are you going to see The Rentals tonight? Or the Pixies/GBV cover bands at The Basement (certain Lambchop personnel will be involved)? Are you gonna spark up some briquettes, or what?

winnipegsun.com - Something so Strong.

These days, when a once-great rock 'n' roll act gets back together for a reunion tour -- usually after years of bitter in-fighting a la Pixies, The Police or Van Halen -- you can be pretty sure either nostalgia or commerce are at play.

canada.com - In the beginning, Phil was a drummer.

All well and good, but relaxation and rock 'n' roll hardly go hand-in-hand. While it may be a cliche that great art arises from personal turmoil, the seemingly irreconcilable differences between members of groups like the Pixies, The Police, and Pink Floyd make for an atmosphere of excitement and tension when they step on stage together.

washintonpost.com - Nightlife Agenda.

The three classically trained frontmen may focus on Celtic folk music, and run off blistering fiddle solos that would put musicians twice their age to shame, and can cover the Pixies with the same verve as a traditional Irish rave-up like "Black and Tans," and they might throw in some Klezmer, bluegrass or a fiddle version of "Wild Thing" while they're at it.

Guardian Unlimited - Sound advice.

Collections of music journalism are not the most promising genre of book, but Reynolds is one of the very few music writers who can craft prose that evokes sound. This is a hugely eclectic volume, ranging from the indie and hip-hop of the late 1980s to the Arctic Monkeys, with authoritative notes on Britpop, ragga, post-rock and R&B, and interviews with the likes of the Pixies, Radiohead and Public Enemy. Reynolds is funny and unapologetically analytical, as well as offering disarming afterwords to some articles admitting that he said something stupid, or accidentally injured a hero ("I once scorched Jarvis's flesh").

Interference.com - Review: S.F. Captivated by Frames – Great American Music Hall, Sept. 5, 2007*

Hansard led several fine improv jams, particularly during superlative reads of “Revelate” (off of 1996’s Fitzcarraldo) and “Santa Maria” (2001’s For the Birds), even going so far as to drop in a knowing tease of Pixies tune “Wave of Mutilation” during “Revelate”. There were numerous singalongs, too, and when the call-and-response moments went well, Hansard would give the crowd a thumbs-up and smile like a giddy swimming coach.

Q4music.com - The fine art of the comeback.

Inevitably, some reunions fare better than others, ranging from the triumphant (Pixies, Pink Floyd at Live 8) to the utterly pointless (back so soon, Carter USM?). Here’s our pick of the best comebacks in recent years.

The alt-rock trailblazers’ shock reunion in 2004 was particularly sweet for hard-up drummer David Lovering, who had become a magician in an attempt to make ends meet. "I was just bummed out. Everything, financially, was a mess for me," he explained at the time. One hugely lucrative world tour later, Lovering was able to hang up his wand for good.

YouTube - The Pixies : Debaser (Reunion).

All Things Digital - TechCrunch40: Rich Media and Mash-Ups.

Wixi: Answer to preceding question: at least twice. Presenting their media social network, Wixi’s founders also play “U Can’t Touch This.” What a long afternoon this is going to be. Pitch seems to be TiVo for Internet radio. For example, if you like the Pixies, WiXi will scan the Net for streaming audio that includes the Pixies, intercept it and save it as an MP3 file. Neat idea, but good luck getting it past the recording industry.

Bluebird Banter :: A Toronto Blue Jays Blog - Cease to Exist, Given My Goodbyes -- 9/19 Game Thread: Red Sox at Blue Jays.

Today's game thread brought our way by the legendary Boston band the Pixies, of course! Taking the pooch and the very short stop to the dog park, will be back at gametime for the game!

The Playlist - Jena Malone's Indie-Rock Career Keeps Truckin'.

If we can get cynical for one minute, we think it's kinda amusing that Malone has started an "indie-music" career when three years ago when we interviewed her for the movie "The United States of Leland" and "Saved," she didn't even know who the Pixies were (the Ryan Gosling-starring 'Leland' featured three Pixies tracks prominently in the film including "Gigantic" plus an unreleased score of music by ex-Sunny Day Real Estate singer Jeremy Enigk), but you know everyone's got to start somewhere.

The Star Online - Foo’s gold.

“Well, first of all, he’s an amazing producer,” Grohl enthused. “He’s made some great records like the Pixies stuff. The Foo Fighters and Gil, we’re compatible in that we love rock music but we like to do our own version of it. We knew we wanted to have a new producer for this record.

ajc.com - Braves, Glavine to dance again?

Boss and other new tunes: Spent too much at my buddy Don’s CD store at Toco Hill shopping center couple days ago, but got some great stuff including the new Okkervil River and Iron And Wine CDs, both really, really good.

If you haven’t got it yet (and I’m sure all Boss fans have), I’d highly recommend the new Springsteen album, “Magic,” which I think is his best since “Tunnel of Love.” It’s not up to standards of, say, “The River,” but it’s really, really good.

And I hadn’t heard of this “About a Son” Kurt Cobain movie that’s coming out, but I got the soundtrack with tuns by everyone from David Bowie (“The Man Who Sold the World”) and Mark Lanegan to REM, the Melvins and Arlo Guthrie. Good stuff.

Also got new solo discs by Thurston Moore (from Sonic Youth) and Black Francis (aka Frank Black, from Pixies). Both are very strong, and the Black Francis CD is the closest thing he’s done to hard, raw Pixies rock.

One more thing: if you haven’t heard Mary Gauthier, check her out online. Really dark, bluesy folk, has two albums out, the latest just released couple weeks ago produced by brilliant Joe Henry.

OK, that’s it. Gonna go see “Into The Wild” tonight after watching some baseball, hopefully. Great reviews for it, everywhere I’ve seen it reviewed.

Nenaghguardian.ie - Getting ready for stint in US At the Movies with Eimear Ryan.

In about a month's time, I'm heading off to the United States. As part of our college course we're offered a semester abroad, and so I'll be studying in Boston. No, it's not Harvard. No, it's not MIT. It's not even the University of Massachusetts, which would enable me to wander round campus singing 'U-Mass' by the Pixies in a loud voice (because I bet no one's ever done that before). I'll be attending the humbly titled Boston University for four months. This has been a cause of great excitement and celebration - not least among my family and friends - but the amount of red tape one needs to bludgeon through just to get to the US is causing me to slowly lose my mind. I expect I'll be a drooling, gibbering mess if I ever get as far as the airport.

ChartAttack.com - Better Friends Than Lovers Know How To Avoid Band Break-ups.

Bands can break up for a number of reasons. Sometimes a person like Frank Black hurls a bass at Kim Deal in the middle of a show. Once in a while, someone like Shane MacGowan will get booted from The Pogues for extreme drunkenness.

It's likely that a willingness to spread the songwriting duties around will also help save the five-piece from The Pixies' fate.

spynotes - It’s educational.

THE NEEDLE AND THE GROOVE: Pixies - Doolittle (1989).

Indie Update - Pixies (revisited).

icWales - Hard to resist standing close to Sting again.

There has been a glut of reunions recently from the likes of The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Crowded House, The Eagles, Take That, The Stooges, The Sex Pistols – again!

The emergence of brand new material was also something promised by The Pixies. We are still waiting patiently.

San Jose Mercury News - San Jose Rocks - class of 2007.

Larry Norman, musical performer

Fun fact: The Pixies' debut "Come On Pilgrim" EP took its name from a Norman line.

WPRB - Radio Radio? playlist for Saturday, October 20, 2007, 18:00.

NME.COM - Bloc Party premiere new material in Iceland.

The packed show saw Okereke crowd surfing during 'She's Hearing Voices' after taunting the audience by saying : "This is a Bloc Party show - are you guys dancing?"

During the track Okereke sang lines from Pixies 'Where Is My Mind'.

Beggars Group USA - Blog - Mix Tape: 13 Beggars Group Songs For Halloween.

11. Wave Of Mutilation by The Pixies
from Wave Of Mutilation: Best Of Pixies (Buy Here)
The Pixies have a long history of singing cryptic songs with disturbing imagery including alien abductions, murder, bone machines, and the like. But for my money, Wave Of Mutilation is the most horrific image they’ve come up with. Just try and picture it. A wave. Of mutilation.

YouTube: Pixies - Wave Of Mutilation.

CNET Blogs -Digital Noise: Music & Tech - Selling live recordings at shows.

Pollstar magazine asks a good question: why aren't more artists recording their live concerts to CD and selling them at shows? I recall that the Pixies recorded most of the shows on their reunion tour in 2004, but I haven't seen many bands do it since.

The Inquirer and Mirror - Free cinema by the sea.

Bugs, princesses and rock stars, oh my! This unlikely combination can only be found at this year’s Nantucket Film Festival Beach Screenings, which will feature the Rob Reiner film “The Princess Bride” tonight, “Microcosmos,” a compelling documentary about the lives of bugs tomorrow, and “loudQUIETloud,” an insider’s look into the alternative rock band The Pixies, on Saturday.

All three movies will start at 9 p.m. at Children’s Beach, weather permitting. The rain location is the Mary P. Walker auditorium at Nantucket High School, 10 Surfside Road. Admission is free.

The outdoor suitability of “loudQUIETloud” is the concert setting, as it is a comprehensive look into the lives of rock musicians. The film, however, goes beyond the concert side of the rock industry: directors Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou capture the moments the group members share between shows, where true camaraderie and inspiration occurs.

“Whether you’re an avid Pixies friend or not, any music lover will be captivated by this intimate portrait of four creative artists and their ultimately triumphant return as one of rock music’s greatest bands...,” the program synopsis reads.

BismarckTribune.com - Don't be rocking all by yourself.

Frank Black states, in "LoudQUIETLoud,"a documentary about his more-famous band the Pixies, "Everything Ido as a solo artist is overshadowed by the Pixies." And it's always seemed to me, as a fan, that Black has spent most of his career envious and bitter toward the success of his own band, for which he wrote most of the songs, because he can't replicate the success the Pixies have found when it's just him, with his name on the marquee. Iask you, how can someone possibly be jealous of himself? Yet that seems to be exactly what Black seems intent to do.

XTS Network - Reunions? Some take, some don’t.

The Pixies

Backstory: In 1993, Frank Black broke up his influential Boston alt-rock band by fax (ouch!), largely due to his rift with bassist/singer Kim Deal, who had spawned her own group, the Breeders, and a bad drug habit. After years of downplaying the Pixies, Black opened the door for 2004’s reunion by playing the quartet’s songs on a 2003 solo tour.

Postscript: As seen in the fascinating documentary “loudQuietloud,” the band never really gelled personally on the tour, and drummer Dave Lovering (not Deal) needed rehab. But the concerts were a surprise hit musically and financially, leaving open the possibility for more.

411mania.com: The 411 Music Top Five 03.03.09: Top 5 Best Cover Songs.

Ben Czajkowski

3. Papa Roach - "Gouge Away" as made famous by The Pixies: This Pixies cover was retouched by Papa Roach for their Lovehatetragedy album of 2002. At the time, I had no idea that this was a cover song. It wasn't until a couple years ago that I was listening to some 80s rock with my Dad that I found it out. I always found "Gouge Away" to be the perfect capstone to the PR record as it rocks the fuck out from start to finish. It adds a few more levels of depth, in terms of instrumental, and I bob my head to it every time. The worst part is that it's one of those songs that gets stuck in my head for days at a time.

Rolling Stone: U2 Talk “Horizon” Follow Up, Spider-Man Musical in Rolling Stone Cover Story.

Bono, it seems, takes the art of the single seriously, seemingly placing him at philosophical odds with producer Brian Eno, who brought his experimental sensibility to Horizon.

“It is the very life force of rock & roll: vitality, succinctness and catchiness, whether it’s the Sex Pistols, Nirvana, the Pixies, the Beatles, the Who, the Rolling Stones. … When rock music forgets about the 45, it tends toward progressive rock, which is like a mold that grows on old, burned-out artists who’ve run out of ideas. We have a soundtrack/Pink Floyd side of our band, and it has to be balanced by fine songwriting. And it’s an infuriating thing for me to see indie rock & roll give up the single to R&B and hip-hop. And that’s why I love the Kings of Leon album or the Killers album: These are people who have such belief in their musical power that they refuse to ghettoize it.”
Bono pauses, and returns to the subject of his friend Eno. “What he’s listening for is a unique feeling, a unique mood and a unique palate. And he doesn’t get hits — I bet he told Coldplay to leave ‘Viva la Vida’ off their album. Brian would listen to ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ and say, ‘I love that song, but can we get rid of the guitar bits? You know, the part that goes duhnt-duhnt-dunna dun?’ “

A Timeless Wavelength - The Pixies - Theme From Narc.

Rock Reviews: Surfer Rosa - Pixies Review.

The Dusty Shelf: The Breeders - Pod.

The 405 - Top 10 Must See Music Documentaries.

Dir: by Steven Cantor

It’s always amusing to see ageing rock stars trying to go straight, with macrobiotic food, oxygen injections and regular Pilates. loudQuietloud follows the Pixies round on their comeback tour of ‘04\’05 (which I couldn’t get tickets for bah!) and shows the band trying to get along with each other and stay on the straight and narrow at the same time. Throughout the film Frank Black (Black Francis whatever) acts like a bit of a dick, Kim Deal is trying hard to stick to the Kaliber and they are all trying to deal with Joey Santiago who is going through a very hard time and going on stage in a bit of a drugged up stupor. All this tension is interspersed with their absolutely phenomenal live performances of course.

LA Weekly - Los Angeles, Rasputina, Ruby Throat@The Troubadour.

She's woven her unique cello sound into collaborations with Nirvana, Belle & Sebastian and the Pixies, and on this tour she's paired with Rasputina's first male co-cellist, Daniel DeJesus, and a new drummer, Catie D'Amica.

PR Newswire - Guitar Hero's(R) Catalog to Keep on Rockin' With New Music From the Pixies, Motorhead, Silversun Pickups, Steely Dan and Nirvana.

Radio Exile - Hanne Hukkelberg Squeezes Blood From A Stone.

Hooray for puns! For the uninitiated, I went to by:Larm last year and got to meet Hanne Hukkelberg at a private showcase at Propeller Studios and really fell in love. She’s disarming sweet, an incredible talent that (surprisingly) loves the Pixies enough to cover “Break My Body” on last year’s release Rykestrasse 68. Now, Hanne is returning with Blood From A Stone (out world wide on May 12th) and judging by the following track from the new album, she’s given us quite a lot to look forward to...

...Blood From A Stone is the third album by Norwegian artist Hanne Hukkelberg. In part inspired by her past as a member of various rock and metal bands (especially their live incarnations) and in part by her 80’s dominated collection of indie/rock albums, Hanne acknowledges that the likes of Sonic Youth, Cocteau Twins, Pixies, Einstüerzende Neubauten and P.J. Harvey have all exerted an influence over her new songs, while one can also detect traces of Siouxsie & The Banshees at their most oblique and many other new wave/post punk outfits.

Amazon.com - The 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums of All Time.

(Sufer Rosa at number 8!)

MyDesert.com - Ten years of Coachella moments.

2004Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips walking on the shoulders of the crowd in a giant, cellophane beach ball like he was walking on water. He took a half-hour to set up this stunt, detracting from the time his band had to do something special with their “Yoshimi Vs. The Pink Robots” material, but the image of Coyne walking on an ocean of people became the image of Coachella.

The aural moment was the reunited Pixies singing “Where Is My Mind.” Specifically, it was the crowd singing the “woo-oohs” with Kim Deal as Frank Black sang and played guitar. Radiohead's subsequent set was more powerful, but they couldn't exceed the Pixies' Coachella Moment.

2007Zack de la Rocha railing against the Bush administration and Rage Against the Machine performing “Killing in the Name” as an exclamation point. Revolutionary numbers such as “No Shelter,” “Bulls On Parade” and “Guerilla Radio” made this festival finale my new Coachella favorite. But, as incendiary as that set was, the crowd filed out of the field like school kids returning from a fire drill.

Another visual moment was Scarlett Johansson stepping out of the crowded VIP section to sing back-up on “Just Like Honey” with the Jesus and Mary Chain. Another great aural Moment was Arcade Fire performing “Funeral.” The sing-along was reminiscent of the Pixies in 2004.

The Life and Times of Bill Janovitz - Part Time Man of Rock - Cover of the Week 24.

When Buffalo Tom started touring in 1988, people -- especially people overseas - would ask us what the "scene" was like in Boston. It seemed so vibrant to someone outside looking in. They assumed we all knew and hung out with each other, Pixies, Throwing Muses, Lemonheads, Galaxie 500, Dinosaur, Big Dipper, Treat Her Right, Morphine, Blake Babies, Volcano Suns, etc. And, in time, we got to know all of those guys and become friends with quite a few. But it never occurred to me early on that there was some sort of unified "scene" as I imagined Seattle to have. Everyone from that area seemed to be on Subpop. While Boston had a couple of indie labels, there was nothing comparable to Subpop. It took time for me to see that there was indeed a "scene" (I've never liked the use of that word in this context) of sorts around Boston. I started realizing it when we would come back home and join the annual Christmas party held over at Fort Apache Studio. When J Mascis sat in on drums for the Pixies at one such party, it seemed that surely something magical was taking place. All of those bands and many more had that one thing, and sometimes only that thing in common: we all recorded at Fort Apache with any combination of enignieers/producers Sean Slade, Paul Kolderie, Gary Smith, Tim O'Heir, Lou Giordano (and earlier -- Joe Harvard.)

Billboard - This Day In Music - April 13, 2009.

2004 – The Pixies unleash a 27-song set at Minneapolis’ Fine Line Music Cafe in their first show in 12 years.

Free Times: The Playlist - News: Rosewood Crawfish Festival Lineup Announced.

Rounding out the festival: local Americana favorites American Gun, which headlines the Free Times stage; Tootie & the Jones; Savannah reggae act Passafire; Zach Deputy; The Reason You're Listening; Griff; The Soul Mites; Mudfish; Pixies tribute So Hush Hush; Hannah Miller and the Misadventures; and a Tom Hall-fronted zydeco band.

The Occidental Weekly -Entertainment - Revised Rock Anthem Lulls Sippy Cup Crowd to Bed.

I had insomnia for one semester when I was a sophomore. It was none too pleasant; I was constantly tired throughout the day, people continuously misconstrued the reason behind my bloodshot eyes, and there were no brooding Edward Norton-esque monologues a la Fight Club. I just wanted to sleep. The fact that my very nice yet nocturnal next-door neighbor with a killer sound system was blasting Lateralus by Tool at all hours of the night didn't help too much either. But what if Tool had made an album of lullabies?

It turns out someone made it for them. Based in Silver Lake, Rockabye Baby Records has been arranging soft and dreamy versions of popular Rock songs, tailored specifically for the little tykes, since 2006. The songs are entirely instrumental and composed of gentle strings, vibraphones, glockenspiels, meletrons and bells. Rockabye covers include tender and innocent versions of The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, Green Day, Radiohead, The Pixies, Queens Of The Stone Age, and over fifteen other rock and alternative lullaby cover albums....

....Personally, I recommend Rockabye's versions of The Pixies', "Here Comes Your Man," Bob Marley's "Stir It Up," and No Doubt's "Sunday Morning."

The Line Of Best Fit - Brakes - Touchdown.

Elsewhere ‘Ancient Mysteries’ was written by one Charles Douglas, who has recorded with Pixies’ Joey Santiago, and accordingly sounds like early solo Frank Black as it details lives going wrong.

Thirst : April 2009 : Interview with Melora Craeger.

Melora Craeger is a legend. Believe. She has collaborated with bands like Nirvana, Pixies, Screaming Trees and Marilyn Manson - a history that has cemented her vast and varied fan base.

MyDesert.com - Beleaguered 'HOPE' artist takes DJ spin.

Fairey has also come under fire for appropriating others' work, transforming it and using it for his own — most recently the Associated Press asked for compensation from Fairey, charging that the “HOPE” poster was based on a copyrighted photograph taken in April 2006 by an AP photographer.

So it's fitting that Fairey performed similar work as a DJ at Coachella, pulling music from the likes of AC/DC, Grandmaster Flash and the Pixies, stretching it, reshaping it and creating something entirely his own.

Galway Advertiser - Celebrate a milestone with Gigantic.

Gigantic was started by DJ Olive Byrne, who called it ‘Gigantic’ after the song on the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa album. She was joined by local DJs Tom Fitz and Mac and together they created a reputation for great nights, spinning indie, electro, and house.

ABC News - Miller-Heidke bags world songwriting prize.

A panel of judges that included Black Francis from the Pixies, Robert Smith from the Cure and Jerry Lee Lewis, unanimously awarded the prize to Ms Miller-Heidke and her musical collaborator Keir Nuttall for the song Caught In The Crowd.

Times Online - Why the Stone Roses are still adored.

On the day of its release I sat in the reception at Piccadilly Radio to greet Kim Deal and Black Francis of the Pixies, who were recording a session for my nightly radio show on Key 103. The first words Francis said to me were: “Who are this group the Stone Roses?” The Pixies had been doing the rounds of record stores to see how their album Doolittle was selling, and it seemed that every punter in every shop they went into was buying the Stone Roses album.

Wired.com - Underwire - Top 5 Albums to Blast Into Space.

Pixies, Doolittle
If Korpa’s going to nostalgically rifle through his record crates, he might as well pick what is arguably the best ’80s album from a group that many artists, from that decade and those that came after, consider to be the best band of the era. Stacked with short, sharp pop shocks, Doolittle starts fast with the surrealist anthem “Debaser” and doesn’t let up until the western noir of “Silver,” before crashing to a close with “Gouge Away.” It’s a bracing blast, especially if you need to stay awake in space. The enviro head-trip “Monkey Gone to Heaven” alone might be worth the ride.

Sparklife >> Drive Everyone Completely Insane Mix.

The Pixies — “Broken Face”

This song is a favorite among Pixies fans. Most everyone else, however, seems to find Frank Black’s squealing and shouting about how his face is falling apart to be unsettling. Actually, this is true of pretty much every Pixies song.

QuickDFW Blog - QBT nominee spotlight: The Cut-Off.

Q: Talk about some of the music and live shows you experienced early on that helped you develop your sound and live-performance style.

The Pixies became a huge influence on my songwriting simply because I had never heard songs about the subject matter Frank Black writes about. Once I realized songs didn't have to be about girls or drugs, the doors were wide open. Also, the Pixies looked like regular people, and that appealed to me. They didn't need a gimmick, just good songs. Hopefully, we have developed along those lines with out aping our predecessors entirely.

indiemuse.com - The Pixies and Boston Bands.

NME.COM - In The Studio - Chris Martin's Top Three Tracks - Sonic Youth, Pixies And Who?

NYTimes.com - Primal Snippets, on Vinyl.

It begins with the Pixies’ “Vamos” and includes samples of recordings by the Stooges, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, De La Soul, Slayer, Bjork and dozens of others.

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i have bad credit and need a personal loan
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apply for loan
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I hate the spam
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