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 Canadian Law and Crossing the Border...
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Posted - 02/23/2004 :  10:27:37  Show Profile
... what's the standard protocol these days for an American? Also quirky Canadian laws that I should be aware of would be greatly appreciated. I'd hate to rot in a Canadian jail. Also, how hard is it to take some kind bud across the border or is this not an option

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Posted - 02/23/2004 :  14:00:34  Show Profile
Bring photo id, you dont need a passport. Dont bring any fruit/veggies or probably any meat. Be polite and courtious, that goes a long way.

Chris Choboter
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South Sandwich Islands
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Posted - 02/23/2004 :  14:24:15  Show Profile
Send your pistol in a separate package.

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Alpha Soixante
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Posted - 02/23/2004 :  14:49:37  Show Profile  Visit Alpha Soixante's Homepage
I heard that these days a birth certificate or passport is necessary, but I'm not entirely sure.
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Posted - 02/23/2004 :  16:04:15  Show Profile
People will probably treat you as an individual, we do generally play well with our brethren to the south.

Protocols - you'll have to say 'zed' instead of 'zee'; and spell colour with a 'u'.

Driver's license should get you in, doesn't hurt to bring a passport, though.

With regards to the ganj, that's totally your call, dude...I don't think that Cdn customs officials look nearly as closely as their US counterparts, but the stuff obviously flows more north to south. It partly depends on the busy-ness of the border crossing you go through (see http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/general/times/menu-e.html). That said, why would you bring a sandwich to a smorgasbord? If you can link up with someone here, you'll probably pay less than stateside. (As I contend in another posting here somewhere, I think part of what FB likes about here is the amount of smoke and the relatively less conservative attitudes about it.)

If the unfortunate pinch should occur, I'm sure our brownshirts (regular cops, not border ones) are a quite a lot less fascist than, say, some of the stuff I've seen on COPS. (There is a cdn version of that show, called To Serve and Protect, it's pretty humourous to compare the relative dullness of it to COPS - but I digress.) Some can't be bothered to do the paperwork for small amounts and will just throw it away. Especially in BC.

Hope this helps.
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Posted - 02/23/2004 :  23:24:44  Show Profile
I have never had a problem going in to Canada !
Coming back to the US I have had my car and my asshole raped !
This was before 9/11
Good Luck !

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and don't pet the sweaty things
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= Cult of Ray =

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Posted - 02/24/2004 :  06:03:07  Show Profile
Just like Tommy Chong says.
"You can always find it wherever you are."

Mail it to someone if you have to. I am sure that someone on the fb board lives in a city you are travelling to and will help you out by letting you mail them a package. Always works for me.

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Posted - 02/24/2004 :  09:50:04  Show Profile  Click to see havinganyfun's MSN Messenger address
i've been to the usa and back many times, and the tendency to me was that going into the states was easy, but there were this dickhead trying to be heroes working the side coming back to canada. just act casual that is your best bet.

give them blood and they'll love you for it
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Jefery With One F
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Posted - 02/24/2004 :  10:26:52  Show Profile
I'd recommmend bringing a passport. If you can't, I would definitely recommend bringing your driver's license AND birth certificate.

Don't bring fruit or beef, at the very least (I'm not honestly sure if they're very strict with vegetables or other meats).

I would definitely not recommend trying to bring any drugs. Although the police may not have much power to do much about possession any more, the border guards certainly do. If you decide to try and get caught, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll be throwing away what might be your chance to see the Pixies. With that said, I'm not into drugs myself, but it probably wouldn't be too hard to buy pot if you wanted to, since many Canadians seems to to be taking proposed decriminalization as a green light to do what you want.

I'd recommend knowing what you'll be asked in advance. Some standard questions at the border:

Where are you going?
Where do you live?
What is your citizenship?
Are you all from the same family?
What is the purpose of your trip?
How long will you be staying?
Where will you be staying?
Any fruits or vegetables?
Any meat?
Any firearms or other weapons?

Of course, I'd imagine that it might be similar to crossing the border to the States to go to a concert:

What's your citizenship?
Where are you headed?
To the Gorge Amphitheatre.
Who's playing?
Have a great time!
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