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 Extra tickets - hook other fans up
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Posted - 02/21/2004 :  23:14:24  Show Profile
Hey all.... I just wanna preach a bit about ticket prices if I may.

I know a lot of us bought extra tickets. I myself bought an extra 6 for Victoria, and two for each of the Vancouver shows. Yeah, they're pretty much like gold at this point, and I could put them up on eBay and cover the cost of my own tickets, hotel rooms, and travel for these shows... but I'm not going to do that. I'm selling my tickets, at face value, to other fans (ummm... they're all already spoken for... sorry...). I'm doing this because I despise the scalpers that are exploiting my favorite band ever and your strong desire to see them. These people put together an army and bought a ton of tickets - tickets YOU tried to buy - just so they could sell them at many times the face value.

Now, don't get me wrong... I'm all for opening the door when opportunity knocks, and I totally support the scalpers' right to do what they can to make their bucks. But, if they're going to pull the tickets from the fans' hands, then I think the fans should do what they can for each other. I encourage everyone with extra tickets to offer up their extras for face value to their friends and then to users of this and other fan forums. If you still don't find buyers, sell them for $5 or $10 above face value outside the venue the day of the show. You have zero risk of not making your money back.

Selling your extras for huge profits on ebay just raises the prices for ALL the tickets on there, and puts more money in the pockets of scalpers. More money that they can use to buy more tickets away from fans to sell at more profit for them. I don't think the Pixies are doing this to line some scalper's pockets and I certainly didn't spend 12 hours on the freezing Victoria sidewalk to line my own. I did it so I could get as many tickets in to the hands of real Pixies fans as possible.

Do the right thing, and keep the faith! See you at the shows!

= Cult of Ray =

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Posted - 02/21/2004 :  23:49:49  Show Profile
Right on vespa. Similarly I have 8 Calgary tickets and have no plans to cross to the dark side. Seeing as I lost out on Vancouver and Winnipeg (hey vespa, want some Calgary tickets for Vancouver? :) ), I'm trying to make this work for me in a much better way than mere cash could -- they could get me to the shows I most want to see through trading. And even if not, or if that opportunity doesn't really apply to all of you, think of it this way. If some of you can't feel sufficiently good about your place on this planet by being able to provide true Pixies fans with the ultimate gift -- once-in-a-lifetime Pixies tickets at dirt cheap prices, and even better depriving scalpers of a few sales -- then there is something truly wrong with you.

Another way to look at it is to think of the frustration of missing out on tickets on Ticketmaster. When you do buy tickets, of course you in turn are making those tickets unavailable to someone else, someone who will then have to buy them elsewhere and perhaps at a steep price, or be left out entirely. If you don't plan to use one or more of the tickets you buy, do the right thing and give them back. It should be as if you never bought the tickets in the first place.

One "gentleman" (to use the term loosely) on this forum, who will not be named, has already been called out for first begging for extra tickets here before the sale and promising to buy as many as possible for everyone else if he could, only to disappear from here after the sale, gloating on another message board about his extra ticket which he offered there (not here) -- for a markup. I believe that at least 90% of us are better than that, and I plan on being proven right.

Edited by - roomloo on 02/22/2004 08:24:51
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Posted - 02/22/2004 :  01:17:28  Show Profile  Click to see Snowmaiden's MSN Messenger address
well said

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* Dog in the Sand *

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Posted - 02/22/2004 :  02:33:12  Show Profile  Visit prozacrat's Homepage  Click to see prozacrat's MSN Messenger address
I've been playing a little scenario out in my head, which I'd like to pull off just to piss off scalpers. I'm bringing up a hodge podge of hardcore fans from South Dakota and have humored the idea of just having the tickets with me out in front of the Burton. They all show up randomly and we pretend not to know each other. Scalpers/vultures will try to offer them tickets and then I say I've got tickets for $20 a piece. May be just a little way to rub it in the noses of these scalpers that us Pixies fans stick together. I may not actually be screwing the scalpers over there, but they'll feel the burn of the group effort we had on this forum.

"And her head has no room."
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 02/22/2004 :  08:16:24  Show Profile
Better go armed then!!!

Hansel and Gretel have formed a band, .....And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Breadcrumbs!!!
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Posted - 02/22/2004 :  09:42:58  Show Profile
If you REALLY wanted to spread the love:

I'm having trouble with the concept of those of you seeing mutiple shows when many of us could not purchase a single ticket for a single show.

I understand the enthusiasm, and I get the desire to see mutiple shows while they are close by - we all have a lot of pent up desire and we're all blown away that these shows are happening. But really, a true fan with respect for their kindred spirits would get one ticket for one show, have the time of their life, and let others enjoy the experience at the other shows. These are small venues, and there are a lot of disappointed people who feel equally worthy of NOT having to resort to scalpers.

I was not looking forward to scrounging for tickets to be part of my first Pixies live experience. And I'm still not.

Alright, that's my sunday morning preaching over with.

i was wearing eyeliner, she was wearing eyeliner
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Posted - 02/22/2004 :  09:52:26  Show Profile
if you were a TRUE FAN you would be buying a ticket from saskatoon! and @ a JOB right now working to pay for you hotel and flight!
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