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Tales of a Modern Junkie
- FB Fan -

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Posted - 10/24/2003 :  23:24:32  Show Profile  Visit Tales of a Modern Junkie's Homepage

"TAles of a Modern Junkie"

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* Dog in the Sand *

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Posted - 10/27/2003 :  15:54:38  Show Profile
interesting game. i didn't suffer any direct hits but bit the bullet a couple of times. at the end it gave me bad memories of writing philosophy exams in university. i wonder how the catholics would make out.

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* Dog in the Sand *

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Posted - 10/27/2003 :  16:46:46  Show Profile
This is indeed interesting but frustrating. What they call a flagrant contradiction is anything but, unfortunately there's no way to argue them. Their reasoning is extremely flawed.

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* Dog in the Sand *

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Posted - 10/27/2003 :  16:58:19  Show Profile  Click to see Coldheartofstone's MSN Messenger address
i just think that in order to explain why you answered a certain way you should be able to explain yourself... i mean everything has more than one way to look at it.. and it is possible to believe on thing while still understanding the other

"Go and tell the king that the sky is falling in when its not...."
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= Cult of Ray =

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Posted - 10/27/2003 :  19:16:45  Show Profile
Well, it all depends on the way you look at this, and this game even "goes out of its way" to make mention of this ("goes out of its way" is in quotation marks, because it makes only a passing reference to Kierkegaard - Georg Hegel would probably count, too!). This game is actually more of a logic game than something that relates to philosophy. (Yes, I do know the two are closely related, but so are philosophy and religion - and they're two seperate entities; besides, if you're an existentialist, you live in an absurd world anyway, right? And if you're a phenomenologist, the belief that the ordinary can be born out of the extraordinary isn't a strange concept. And yes, I realize I've dumbed those two concepts down greatly.)

-Jimmy M.
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= FB QuizMistress =

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Posted - 10/27/2003 :  19:53:42  Show Profile  Visit mereubu's Homepage
0 hits, 0 bullets bit.

I hate philosophy.

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~ Abstract Brain ~

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Posted - 10/27/2003 :  20:01:42  Show Profile  Visit apl4eris's Homepage
Interesting game, but the premise was pretty lame. Overall, it feels like someone's project for a logic thesis, not a directed philosophical discussion of God. They started the paradox by initiating logical debate of an irrational (to the logical mind) and unknowable idea. I had fun though...Thanks for the link, Junkie.

However, their logic is random...One of the early questions asks if God must be able to know all, and "If God exists she could make it so that everything now considered sinful becomes morally acceptable and everything that is now considered morally good becomes sinful", and I answered "True" to both. Apparently that was ok, but then the same answer, using the same logic, to the question "If God exists she would have the freedom and power to create square circles and make 1 + 1 = 72." was all of a sudden the deal breaker. hmmmmm. They say the difference is that changing the value of numbers or geometry is illogical. Though moral beliefs are values. Everything can be assigned a number in logic.

'"You've just bitten a bullet!

In saying that God has the freedom and power to do that which is logically impossible (like creating square circles), you are saying that any discussion of God and ultimate reality cannot be constrained by basic principles of rationality. This would seem to make rational discourse about God impossible. If rational discourse about God is impossible, there is nothing rational we can say about God and nothing rational we can say to support our belief or disbelief in God. To reject rational constraints on religious discourse in this fashion requires accepting that religious convictions, including your religious convictions, are beyond any debate or rational discussion. This is to bite a bullet.'

We bite the bullet every day trying to believe and base our decisions on the information we receive from the media or in our textbooks. We can't each test every single premise that has been proven before us - there isn't enough time. I have faith every time I sit down that my chair will hold because someone else's geometric logic was correct. It's all based on perception, and Orwell did a better job than I could of arguing why 2+2 can equal 5.

Edited by - apl4eris on 10/27/2003 20:09:04
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* Dog in the Sand *

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Posted - 10/27/2003 :  20:36:03  Show Profile
Well put apl. My big bitch was between the loch ness monster question and the lack of proof concerning God question. I'll have to go back to the game to be specific but the logic simply wasn't accurate.

"I joined the Cult of Popeye / The CoF required my good eye"
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= Cult of Ray =

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Posted - 10/28/2003 :  11:47:42  Show Profile
Interesting but definitely inaccurate in many ways. Or then again maybe not!

I had me a vision!

It's step, hip, step, pivot! Are you trying to piss-off the volcano?!
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Dave Noisy
Minister of Chaos

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Posted - 11/14/2003 :  14:11:02  Show Profile  Visit Dave Noisy's Homepage
I think i must have gone about it much the same way as apl. =)

Three hits, one bullet. All at the end of course.
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>> Denizen of the Citizens Band <<

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Posted - 11/14/2003 :  17:25:53  Show Profile  Visit Cheeseman1000's Homepage
I got shot down, but I think I made it through alive. I would say, flawed to point of being humourous.

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Brackish Girl
~ Soul Eater ~

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Posted - 11/22/2003 :  08:48:40  Show Profile
Battleground Analysis
You have been awarded the TPM medal of distinction! This is our second highest award for outstanding service on the intellectual battleground.

The fact that you progressed through this activity being hit only once and biting very few bullets suggests that your beliefs about God are well thought out and almost entirely internally consistent.

The direct hit you suffered occurred because one set of your answers implied a logical contradiction. The bitten bullets occurred because you responded in ways that required that you held views that most people would have found strange, incredible or unpalatable. At the bottom of this page, we have reproduced the analyses of your direct hit and bitten bullets.

Because you only suffered one direct hit and bit very few bullets, you qualify for our second highest award. A good achievement!

well, i won a prize so i'm happy.

"I joined the Cult of Trippy/...what was i singing again???"

oh, and i got 1 direct hit and bit 1 bullet. goddamn homicidal god!

Edited by - Brackish Girl on 11/22/2003 08:51:04
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