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 Bands EXACTLY like The Pixies

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
nomenclature Posted - 02/21/2013 : 12:52:47

So we all know that tons of bands have been inspired by and frequently imitate The Pixies, but what about bands that sound EXACTLY like The Pixies? I don't mean bands like Nirvana, Weezer, Modest Mouse, or Arcade Fire, who while very influenced by them at least have their own sound; I'm talking about bands that have basically built a career out of imitating The Pixies. Which I guess kind of makes sense, since if there's one band that you could flat-out copy and still be good, it's them.

Here are the most Pixies-similar bands I've ever heard, ranked from most to least imitating:

1. The Displaced (listen to "Hydroplane" or "Black Box")
2. Moth Macabre ("Pale" is basically a copy of "Dead")
3. Metal Mother Flake ("Mean to Me" has a guitar riff like Is She Weird; "The Inquisition" reminds me of Gouge Away)
4. Pony (they even have a song about Frank Black called "Fortune Cookie")
5. The 3Ds (from New Zealand; "Outer Space")
6. Stellastar* ("Jenny" has a chorus chord progression that's basically Where Is My Mind)
7. El Otra Yo (from Argentina; "Hey Tonto!" is kind of like another version of "Tony's Theme")
8. Mr. Dream (although they imitate many different bands--"Holy Name" is a mashup of Debaser and Lithium; "Winner" is like a Big Black song)
9. Superette (from New Zealand; "Touch Me")
10. Goodshirt (from New Zealand; they have a little bit of their own sound, but songs like "Mousey" and "Slippy" are very Pixies)

Despite being derivative, I happen to think that The Displaced, Mr. Dream, and El Otra Yo are all fantastic bands. Here are some of their best songs, which I definitely recommend checking out:

The Displaced : Hydroplane, Toledo, High Plain, Salt and Alcohol
Mr. Dream: Scarred for Life, Learn the Language, Winner, Fatherland
El Otra Yo: Aun, No Me Importa Morir, Virus, Arruncha

Also, I didn't include bands like The Toadies, Violent Soho, or Eve's Plum, because in my opinion they sound like equal parts Pixies and Nirvana.

So, what are some other bands you've heard that you think are EXACTLY like The Pixies?
35   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
pot Posted - 06/12/2018 : 11:06:38
I never got into FOTL that much, I thought they sounded more mainstream, straightforward shouty punk as opposed to something more high brow.

I think I'd say (as far as Mclusky is concerned)

1. My Pain
2. The Difference
3. Mclusky Do Dallas

Controversial I know but The Difference is the first album of theirs I heard and I rate their last album because I just fucking like it and it's got Lucky Lucky Jim Jim on it which I thought was nicely experimental of them to include a more or less death metal song in there, at that time. Bear in mind at this time that the whole pure unadulterated death metal thing was just surfacing into the mainstream world so it was still quite edgy. Nowadays it's a regular feature at the OAP disco.

My mate, who I think can probably be credited with introducing me to McLusky and also Pavement didn't like their 3rd album at all! This is despite me lending him it in good faith only for him to pawn it for a 4 pack of Stella. It was a nice cardboard sleeve as well. I have forgiven him and he gives me a free CD every time I visit now because he feels guilty about it, which he should.

Not as bad the time I left two limited edition 6" THICK vinyl single specials of The Kills - Love is a Deserter with a mate in good faith though.
jake3 Posted - 06/12/2018 : 10:38:08
Originally posted by The Maharal

Favourite Mclusky and FOTL albums? Falco's great.

He probably deserves his own thread here. In terms of Mclusky/FOTL albums I'd rate them as followed:

8) Mclusky - My Pain and Sadness is More Sad and Painful than Yours (7/10)
7) Future of the Left - Travels With Myself and Another (8/10)
6) Future of the Left - The Peace and Truce of Future of the left (8/10)
5) Future of the Left - The Plot Against Common Sense (8/10)
4) Future of the Left - Curses (8/10)
3) Future of the Left - How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident (9/10)
2) Mclusky - The Difference Between Me and You is That I'm Not on Fire (9/10)
1) Mclusky - Mclusky Do Dallas (10/10)
The Maharal Posted - 06/12/2018 : 08:41:07
Favourite Mclusky and FOTL albums? Falco's great.
jake3 Posted - 06/10/2018 : 11:13:00
Headspins by Splashh. Great song btw.


Nice to see some Mclusky fans on here. I too am a massive Falco fan. Mclusky, Future of the Left, Christian Fitness - All awesome by me
The Maharal Posted - 05/25/2018 : 08:53:31
Originally posted by Superabounder

Man, Nameless Faceless by Courtney Barnett borrows un-apologetically from the Pixies. Guitars, female harmonies. Ammi right?

I'd rather be anywhere or doing anything

Heh. I was meant to go to the Biggest Weekend festival in Belfast today but alas I'm too sick. Anyway, I'm watching it on BBC4 now and guess who pop on stage to accompany Courtney on Nameless Faceless? Kim and Kelley Deal. They were having a blast.
The Maharal Posted - 05/20/2018 : 10:14:32
Probably me! In fact I was going to write Mclusky a few days ago in this thread but forgot. Falco is the nearest thing to the greatness of BF in my opinion.

Stevio10 Posted - 05/20/2018 : 01:59:45
Somebody mentioned McLusky in another thread somewhere, good call.

Superabounder Posted - 05/18/2018 : 16:44:16
Man, Nameless Faceless by Courtney Barnett borrows un-apologetically from the Pixies. Guitars, female harmonies. Ammi right?

I'd rather be anywhere or doing anything
McDutchie Posted - 04/28/2018 : 09:40:23
There are no bands that sound exactly like the Pixies.

I mean, even the Pixies don't sound exactly like the Pixies.
Bedbug Posted - 04/28/2018 : 01:55:49
Originally posted by pot

Probably been posted before but first time seeing this for me. Bring on the Wiggie-giggie by Frankie Folds & The Demigods.

I'd say this could be even better than the original?


(Oh my golly by Tenacious D & FB)

Now we know who they will get to sing Gigantic!
pot Posted - 04/27/2018 : 13:07:26
Probably been posted before but first time seeing this for me. Bring on the Wiggie-giggie by Frankie Folds & The Demigods.

I'd say this could be even better than the original?


(Oh my golly by Tenacious D & FB)
hammerhands Posted - 05/31/2017 : 01:11:02
Sky Kiss from Bob's Burgers, S07E09 Bob Actually.

Classic Masher Posted - 08/30/2013 : 14:12:52
I actually thought Colours by Grouplove might be the Pixies the first time I heard it. I also thought Shake Me Down by Cage the Elephant was them at first too. Only briefly. Thinking you might just be surprised by a new Pixies song debuting on the radio is just a sign of my hopeless optimism.

"Mixed messages from Sir Naff, please authenticate..."
pot Posted - 08/25/2013 : 12:49:21
This is good. I wouldn't say exactly like the Pixies, but at times the sound is a bit like them.

Psychedelic Punk Noise from Arizona. Remind me a bit of Bauhaus and a lot of other things. Good production.

Meesimo Posted - 08/05/2013 : 15:22:21
Rattlesnake by the band Crystal Antlers sounds great and has a definite Pixies influence...

pot Posted - 07/29/2013 : 01:29:01
Another one. Splashh. Can't say I like them that much so far, vocals are a bit shit, but the music is Pixies as fuck on track 1, total rip off of Wave Of Mutilation.


I wouldn't bother with the rest of the album, it's wank. Might be slightly more listen-able if it weren't for terrible vocals. The guy can't sing for shit.
pixiestu Posted - 06/28/2013 : 07:03:37
I'm just waiting for the 'Backing vocalists EXACTLY like Kim Deal' thread to pop up after hearing Bagboy.

"The arc of triumph"
Carl Posted - 06/28/2013 : 06:58:46
Er... the new Pixies sound exactly like the Pixies!

Or do they?!
pot Posted - 06/28/2013 : 01:02:20
Waxahatchee sound quite Pixies, more Kim Deal/Breeders. I really like this new album-




pot Posted - 06/24/2013 : 14:21:06
Originally posted by Arm Arm Arm

The only bands that sound like the Pixies are the Pixies...parallel earth Pixies; you know, there's that one earth where they never broke up.

There's also one where they all died 20 years ago and everyone thinks they would have gone on to make millions of great albums. They are revered more. On another one Frank Black is the president and Kim Deal gets abducted by aliens. My favourite one is the one where Joey and Dave record an album inside a volcano on the moon.
BLT Posted - 06/24/2013 : 14:05:50
Originally posted by pieteikumi

Originally posted by Mac E. Doobage

Shazz used to say GUN Club sounded like the Pixies...

Vice versa.

Arm Arm Arm Posted - 06/06/2013 : 05:57:22
The only bands that sound like the Pixies are the Pixies...parallel earth Pixies; you know, there's that one earth where they never broke up.
pot Posted - 06/06/2013 : 01:08:29
Another new band who sound like the pixies. Quite a good album this sounds so far, I've only listened to 2 tracks so far. Instantly recognisable as PIxies-esque.

pot Posted - 05/27/2013 : 12:33:12
Bustin chops is my jangle. Step aside mr chimp. p.s. millions of other bands, even some that play music that's not really indie. Soz to guy who posted loads of links at the bottom of last page, getting round to checking those out. Currently experiencing bands influenced by the Pixies overload.
simibaby Posted - 05/27/2013 : 10:40:29
just bustin chops. That's needed here occasionally lol
simibaby Posted - 05/27/2013 : 10:38:27
The Ink Spots, The Four Freshman, Dean Martin's Goldiggers

WTF! These threads are boring. Who cares?
pot Posted - 05/27/2013 : 07:17:24
Oh yeah I've heard of them, their new album is supposed to be really good Tout Le Mange or something it's called I think...
rivum Posted - 05/27/2013 : 05:24:37
there's this band called the pixies that reportedly sounds EXACTLY like the pixies.
haven't had a chance to listen yet so i can verify that, though.
brickisred Posted - 05/26/2013 : 13:08:55

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club:



brickisred Posted - 05/26/2013 : 10:43:07

Compulsion in the 90's, sound and talent:



pot Posted - 05/17/2013 : 12:39:02
In case you didn't know already- Chad Vangaalen




pot Posted - 05/17/2013 : 08:17:36
What defines the Pixies for most people, especially young people today, is not the incredible song writing skills of Frank Black but the way they sounded. That's what i want to hear from a new Pixies album. I don't even want to hear what they are called, let alone hear FB sing them live. Maybe the reason it is taking so long for this record to be released is because it is being thoroughly production tested by moguls all over the world to make sure it is worthy of the title of actual new Pixies album?

pot Posted - 05/17/2013 : 06:09:57

Sludge metal band who appear to sound a bit like the Pixies in some songs. Also Les Savy Fav and Jane's Addiction, who were also heavily influnced by the PIxies, many years ago.

Gets more Pixies/indie towards the end. Starts off a bit too shouty, but it gets better towards the end. Tracks 8, 9 and 10 are the best I think.

edit- found a youtube for Low Tide. This one is really like the Pixies (but also something else I can't put my finger in)-




This one sounds a bit more like Soundgarden

Classic Masher Posted - 05/06/2013 : 02:03:08
I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Cage the Elephant (at least on their most recent album "Thank You, Happy Birthday"). They even admitted to discovering the Pixies right before they started recording. Anyhow it's a pretty good album. It's what I listen to when I want new Pixies (but of course there's no new Pixies.... yet.)

"Next message is from Suriname, please authenticate..."
The Maharal Posted - 04/30/2013 : 02:22:47
Detected more of a Kings of Leon vibe there

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