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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Marrs Posted - 05/19/2004 : 06:48:25
I've just joined the forum so sorry if this has been done before.

Frank Black's lyrics are often quite strange and lend themselves easily to being misheard.

I thought for quite a long time that the good man who Frank meets at the beginning of 'Los Angeles' was 'selling insurance' rather than 'sailing and shoring'.

Also I just found yesterday that at the end of Fu Manchu, Frank doesn't sing 'Accidentally diktat' (whatever that means) but 'Occidentally tic-tac' (whatever that means).

Does anyone else have any mishearings?
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s_wrenn Posted - 03/24/2010 : 01:26:15
Gorrilaz - Stylo
#A front-bottom in your eyes#

when it actually is
#Up from the bottom in your eyes#

+ / " @ * ~ ¦ ¬ . , |
The Guy From Wonderland Posted - 04/13/2007 : 21:09:27
The first time I heard Hermaphroditos was live and I swear it sounded like "The man from Detroit is my name"

You Ain't Me
trobrianders Posted - 04/11/2007 : 15:14:50
What you guys never had fun taunting a religious type with talk of sex? Makes 'em squirm.

Ed is the hoo hoo
awestruck Posted - 04/11/2007 : 11:48:53
this has help me so much! i just have to say that i hear peachy peach also. since many of his songs i haven't heard yet, I can't wait to admit which lyrics i mishear.

Favorite Quote: awestruck is a she, she's a she. -trobrianders
s_wrenn Posted - 04/07/2007 : 14:02:13
I don't play by your rules old timer.

/ @ * ~ ¦ ¬ . , |
coastline Posted - 04/07/2007 : 13:59:13
s_wrenn, stick to the topic. Like this:

I just realized today that the third line of "Bullet" goes "Please tell my friends from outer space." I had always sung it "Please tell my friends I'm out of space."

Please pardon me, for these my wrongs.
s_wrenn Posted - 04/07/2007 : 13:50:15
Just your face.

/ @ * ~ ¦ ¬ . , |
coastline Posted - 04/07/2007 : 13:48:43
Three cats and a dog. Should get me through the weekend. And you, s_wrenn?

Please pardon me, for these my wrongs.
s_wrenn Posted - 04/07/2007 : 10:57:19
Got any pets coastline?

/ @ * ~ ¦ ¬ . , |
Carl Posted - 04/07/2007 : 07:44:14
I used to think the line "Where is my Mind?" was "Where is my beast sex?"
coastline Posted - 04/06/2007 : 18:33:23
Originally posted by s_wrenn

"Sky blows your felines" (as in, the sky fellating a cat)
What's with you and animal sex, s_wrenn? You have roughly 1,075 posts, and 1,050 of them involve this theme. SICK.

Please pardon me, for these my wrongs.
dogonfire Posted - 04/06/2007 : 17:42:36
I know this is Frank Black and not the Pixies, but the latter played here this week, and I still haven't been disabused of the notion that Charles screams, "Wear pants!" in Caribou
tisasawath Posted - 01/29/2007 : 02:22:57

(that's for the turnip line)

s_wrenn Posted - 01/25/2007 : 10:52:45
Beautiful day - U2
There are two lines i hear differently:

"See a turnip right in front of you"
"Sky blows your felines" (as in, the sky fellating a cat)

@ * ~ ¦ ¬ . , |
tisasawath Posted - 01/25/2007 : 06:06:40
Yes, now that you've said it.
If there were a surf version like Wave, and with Kim on some of the verse, that would be a lot like it.

trobrianders Posted - 01/16/2007 : 18:47:12

I once heard FB go ballistic in an interview about people who mishear lines like 'selling insurance' on 'Los Angeles'. But we've all had days like that. He had the interviewer, some kid, absolutely quaking.

This is the one thread I'm sure FB will never check out.

Oh and in keeping with the incest theme of Broken Face I thought 'The little thing who does my father speaks no English but if you saw her you'd say isn't she lovely'

But it's laundry which is way better.

Do any of you hear Girl from Ipanema in Broken Face?

Ed is the hoo hoo
the acorahs Posted - 01/16/2007 : 15:47:26
my girlfriend heard "kiss my ring" as "kiss my wang"

which, i think, adds another layer to the song

it is a wretched life and vanity is repulsive

toeknee Posted - 01/15/2007 : 10:23:48
I can't help hearing 'Oo, Saigon' in Gyaneshwar. That said, we still don't know for sure so it could be right!
Carolynanna Posted - 01/09/2007 : 10:05:32
You owe me money cheeseman!

For Chrissakes have a cup of tea.
Cheeseman1000 Posted - 01/09/2007 : 02:42:36
Originally posted by Carolynanna

I just won a bet with Diego because he thought that Ozzy says "Thought you were my friend" in paranoid and of course its "occupy my brain."

Aw geez, my duodenum's acting up.

I always thought it was "are you for my brain." Ah well.

kfs Posted - 01/08/2007 : 13:43:34
"Build High" was playing the other day when mr kfs walked in. He said, "What are they saying....Bellbottoms, Bellbottoms?"
He's not quite as much of a fan as I am!
Carolynanna Posted - 12/22/2006 : 11:05:01
I just won a bet with Diego because he thought that Ozzy says "Thought you were my friend" in paranoid and of course its "occupy my brain."

Aw geez, my duodenum's acting up.
Carl Posted - 12/22/2006 : 08:39:43
"The Pixies', "Gigantic"
Misheard Lyrics:
A big big dog
Original Lyrics:
A big big love
Editor's note: Yes the song is about a dog, hence the dog on the cover of the single. But according to most of the lyrics' web pages, it is still 'love'."

Er, no, that's Here Comes Your Man!

The Alec Eiffel ones are funny! I used to think in Cactus he was singing "Sitting here wishin' on a semen floor"!

Merry Christmas!
kfs Posted - 12/22/2006 : 07:46:41
Have you guys seen this site... more about misheard Pixies lyrics....
coastline Posted - 12/21/2006 : 20:16:30
I think it's actually

I had so many problems
And then I got me an iPod
I really like it a lot and

Is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?
mantaraysallright Posted - 12/21/2006 : 17:58:48
I heard

"I had so many problems
And then I got me a women
I really liked it a lot and"

in I Heard Ramona Sing...it made sense before I knew what the song was about (now I just feel foolish :P)

MHokkane Posted - 12/21/2006 : 17:28:41
I always thought that at the beginning of Bone Machine he yelled
"This is a song from hell!"
pixiestu Posted - 12/21/2006 : 17:13:40
She said we’ll be witches
Then there must be nakedness
I said you have no hard on
'Til that aching fills your chest

"The arc of triumph"
coastline Posted - 10/31/2006 : 12:35:52
And don't ask me how this happened, but I thought the Pixies song "Silver" was "Sliver" until I just heard the cover on Podcast #18.

When do I get my first bee, damnit?
coastline Posted - 10/29/2006 : 19:46:51
I recently had Planet of Sound on, and thought to myself: Did he just say "One fine day in my podcast"? It took me a minute to figure out that the song preceded podcasting by at least a decade and I was just hearing things again. Still, if there was ever a Pixies podcast, that song would be a great intro.

When do I get my first bee, damnit?
Cult_Of_Frank Posted - 10/29/2006 : 19:18:28
... or surprised <rim shot>.

Sorry, it was just there. :)

"Now you're officially my woman. Kudos. I can't say I don't envy you."
Neptune Posted - 10/29/2006 : 18:16:58
I too thought it was "Yesterday I Will Burn" until just now...I never even thought about how that didn't make sense...

I thought of this thread recently while reading Fool the World. Some critic is talking about Come On Pilgrim and the part of I've Been Tired where BF talks about "Losing my penis to a horrible disease." I was stunned. I always thought it was "a whore with disease", which really is a much better line. Was relieved when i checked the lyrics and saw that the critic had it wrong... (rarely is anyone happy about the presence of a whore with disease!)
mr.biscuitdoughhead Posted - 10/28/2006 : 10:41:34
I thought Dig For Fire said "near and inside of her home" instead of "kneeling inside of her hole".

"Is someone gonna come kick the ball, like in Charlie Brown?"
pixiestu Posted - 09/08/2006 : 15:43:40
Originally posted by mr.biscuitdoughhead

And In I Burn Today I thought it was "Yesterday I will burn" which doesn't make any sense either.

I think a lot of people thought that, even though as you say, it doesn't make any sense. But then again, when has anything The Man has ever said made sense?

"The arc of triumph"
coastline Posted - 09/08/2006 : 15:41:08
Me too on "Yesterday I will burn." For about a year, I held that up as a classic Frank Blackism, telling people how he had some really neat, quirky stuff like that in his language. Turns out I'm just an idiot.


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