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 How has Frank helped you? Let us count the ways!

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
kathryn Posted - 02/10/2006 : 07:54:00
This may sound hokey, but I believe that you guys will understand:

I am in the midst of divorcing my husband and life sucks big time right now and Frank's music is carrying me. I know that when I look back on this sucky period in my life I will feel gratitude for the solace I am receiving from friends (some of them from this board) as well as from The Man's music. There are nights when I can honestly say that the only positive thing that whole day (besides my child) had been Frank's music.

Lately for some reason "Baby That's Art" is soothing me. Something about Frank's voice in that song makes me feel better - his voice sounds beautiful and somewhat conspiratorial, if the latter makes sense. That quick drum beat that starts the song? Awesome. And those guitars! I always wonder if he's refering to sex when he sings "then we cruise to the sound of collecting the honey."

"Music saves" -- an fb.net friend said that to me a while back.

I don't want this to turn into a thread about me. I hope to hear about other ways Frank's music makes people's lives better and the world a kick-ass place.

I got some heaven in my head

35   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
stymie Posted - 04/11/2006 : 12:31:02
I love strawberry jam the best!
Carl Posted - 04/09/2006 : 12:51:38
No, although he did send me strawberry jam when I ran out...oh wait, then he has helped me!! ;)

VoVat Posted - 04/08/2006 : 13:42:54
Not even strawberry jam?

"If you doze much longer, then life turns to dreaming. If you doze much longer, then dreams turn to nightmares."
Carl Posted - 04/07/2006 : 22:50:04
Frank has never suddenly popped up to aid me whenever I was in a jam! ;)

pas de dutchie!
ScottP Posted - 04/07/2006 : 19:05:06
Not only Frank's music, but his courage and his work ethic inspires me everyday. Coupled with a great song writing sense, I believe his work ethic is a key weapon to his success. His courage is something I have been thinking alot about lately as well. He has faced some very frightening personal and career decisions along the way and it seems as though he has stuck to his belief in himself with successful results. His story, his music, his wonderful lyrics, it's all kind of amazing to me.

Oh, cheese. Wonderful cheese. I love you.
Holy Fingers Posted - 04/05/2006 : 08:09:46
Frank's music helped me to drop the phony bullshit facade that had shrouded me most of my young adult life. For most people this can take years, but with F.B. on my side, it only took a few solo albums.

"Your message part 1 / part 2"
Carl Posted - 03/22/2006 : 11:19:22
Nice one, Samurai! See? Pixies/FB is a positive force!

pas de dutchie!
kathryn Posted - 03/22/2006 : 08:05:53

I got some heaven in my head
Suicide_Samurai Posted - 03/22/2006 : 07:58:47
Frank Black gave me a place at college

Ok, they probably don't turn too many people away at this college, so I would have gotten a place there anyway, but I think to think old Frankie played a hand in it.

Today was my very first experience meeting an FB fan (or one that had at least so much as heard of his post-Pixies career anyway.) I had a college interview today that I was shitting a brick about, human contact and all.. anyway, I sat down infront of this young scruffy guy in a cardigan and stubble, which I was assured by. After 2 minutes he looks at my subject choices and says "music tech eh? What music do you listen to?"
"Sort of guitar-based bands, but not really heavy stuff"
"Like who?" He said, eager to share his vast musical knowledge.
"Ermm, The Pixies.." His face brightened and his head nodded, so I continued. "And Frank Black's post-Pixies stuff, The Catholics and solo."
"Really? Have you got his new album?"
"Honeycomb? Yeah. It's alright, but it's my least favourite."
"Yeah," he said "it's a bit mellow. Takes a few listens. What's your favourite album?"
"Probably one of the solo ones, Teenager of the Year" (I actually like the selt-titled debut better, but I didn't want to get into the messy business of naming it)
"Teenager of the Year, yeah, that's an amazing album. So listen; I'm going to offer you a place..."
Carl Posted - 03/17/2006 : 08:41:18
Good luck with those!

pas de dutchie!
kfs Posted - 03/17/2006 : 08:22:05
I'm starting guitar lessons tomorrow.
spunXtain Posted - 03/03/2006 : 21:02:17
Best post ever ^^^

Franks taco Posted - 03/03/2006 : 17:14:16
Not as much as that Geico lizard on TV.
That cute little green bastard saved me about 300 dollars on my auto insurance.
VoVat Posted - 03/03/2006 : 11:56:08
before i started using frank black my scalp itched and my gums bled
i was trying to keep my hair and getting into losing fights

Do you have Before and After pictures, by any chance?

"If you doze much longer, then life turns to dreaming. If you doze much longer, then dreams turn to nightmares."
pixie punk Posted - 03/01/2006 : 21:31:56
My Life was In Storage(no More)!!! Thanks CHARLES for the beautiful music!!!!!!!
pixie punk Posted - 03/01/2006 : 21:27:03
Kathryn from la Isla del Encanto(Puerto Rico) We hear you lady!!We're always connected to our moms from the umbilical cord.They gave us the life string,thanks to GOD and his unconditional love.Big hugs y mucho amor para ti linda hermosa!!!!Nobody belongs to nobody we love and will love forever and wish good will to everybody who wishes us the best!!!LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!I went thru a divorce and my love is still my best friend(I'll always be a gentleman!!!) and will never be like the idiots who attack and disrespect the ladies that make our world great.
danjersey Posted - 03/01/2006 : 20:54:38
before i started using frank black my scalp itched and my gums bled
i was trying to keep my hair and getting into losing fights
thanks frnk black
Daisy Girl Posted - 03/01/2006 : 19:58:58
yeah kiki! :) we love you!!!!!!!
ScottP Posted - 03/01/2006 : 17:34:10
Hey Kathryn, give us a blip on how your doing. If I'm not mistaken, I think you are pretty important to everybody here at the 'ol forum.

Don't make me drive over there, throw you down, and make frikkin' double-sweet love to you. Cuz I'll frikkin' do it! That may be what you need. Always worked for me. Hee!! Just semi-kidding. Give us an idea how things are going. Am I being too nosey? Poop on you!

Ohhhh, my hair is getting good in the back.
ScottP Posted - 02/27/2006 : 17:30:48
Cool Marsist. While smoking weed in the woods doesn't help with spelling, it sure can settle a person down enough to re-visit the truly important and valuable things in life.

Point that ship towards Happyland, Kathryn. The road there is bumpy. But, at least you aren't wasting precious fuel getting there. Best of luck! We got Frank in the tank, baby!

Ohhhh, my hair is getting good in the back.
IceCream Posted - 02/27/2006 : 17:15:55
After I heard Los Angeles, I must have had the song in my head for the next 36 hours. Frank's music is so melodic despite having such unusual metres.

But how has Frank helped me? Actually, he improves my memory. I can often hear a Frank song and be instantly reminded of the time when I first heard that song. It's weird.
The Marsist Posted - 02/27/2006 : 15:30:25
i had the most amazing expieriance today. after my lectures i went for a walk into the wildreness by myself. all i had was my weed my cigerettes and my mp3 player. i sat in a tree and had a spliff while listening to selkie bride. it was amazing how the line "and on that day so sad breezy and sunny" basically described my surroundings. after my- tree spliff i went and lay down on a fallen tree trunk and just looked at the sky.

then it happened.go find your saint came on and just like selkie bride i was amazed at how the lyrics rang true to my life i wont explain how but trust me it was spooky.and all of a sudden i just started crying, weeping like a little baby and after about 5 mins i just stopped and continued on my merry journey. finally before heading home i sat on the highest point i could find and watched the sunset while listening to sunday sunny mill valley groove day and smoking a spliff.

that might not sound as amazing as the whole expierence atually was. but then again it was a very personal thing and kathryn if you want my advice (which you probaly dont).get some weed an i-pod with as much frank as possible and just wander through the wild.i know it sorted my problems out.

Art is the child of Nature; yes, her darling child, in whom we trace the features of the mother's face, her aspect and her attitude.

PixieSteve Posted - 02/27/2006 : 14:01:40
frank helped me with the chords to sing for joy

goober_grape Posted - 02/27/2006 : 11:15:36

Take care and take solace in Frank. I'm new here--about 30 minutes now, but your post was one of the first I've read.

I also like to listen to "Baby That's Art", but right now, I am really into "Los Angeles" because it has nothing to do with how I feel and makes me think of different things. Maybe it's subconscious about being in a different city??

ScottP Posted - 02/13/2006 : 18:07:36
Originally posted by Suicide_Samurai

He's molded me into whatever style of a songwriter I am at this moment in time, and also there was a point last year when I listened to no other music but Frank for about 8 months, so who knows what kind of impure twaddle I would have been listening to if Frank wasn't around.

Ice cream, ice cream for all

Yeah, I feel the same way about the song writing thing. Not sure at this moment if it is a good thing or not. Too many C#m's in my songs lately. Hee. I don't know how I feel about over listening to anything when its time to write. Except for Zappa. Zappa always re-zeros my mental instruments.

Let's drink until we can't feel feelings anymore.
prozacrat Posted - 02/12/2006 : 12:16:02
One February day back in 2000, Frank told me to ditch the boring stage name I was using with my band at the time, and that I should use my real name, "Dietr." More people remember me by my name now. Thanks, Frank!

P.S.: He told me to call him "Chuck." It was a nice gesture, I thought.

Suicide_Samurai Posted - 02/11/2006 : 14:51:24
He's molded me into whatever style of a songwriter I am at this moment in time, and also there was a point last year when I listened to no other music but Frank for about 8 months, so who knows what kind of impure twaddle I would have been listening to if Frank wasn't around.

Ice cream, ice cream for all
BLT Posted - 02/11/2006 : 14:03:49
Originally posted by ScottP

...I was a TOTAL wreck until I started nailin' other chicks. Magically, I felt all better...

Funny how that works.

Cyberhugs are for pussies.
ScottP Posted - 02/11/2006 : 12:37:19
My wife and I separated for 6 months, about 5 years ago. I was a TOTAL wreck until I started nailin' other chicks. Magically, I felt all better. I'm pretty sure I listened to Frank Black in between chicks. Thanks Frank.

Let's drink until we can't feel feelings anymore.
starmekitten Posted - 02/11/2006 : 11:52:50
I moved to university on the day my ex finished with me. It was in the middle of the petrol crisis so I had to lug my stuff on the train which just made everything twice as stressful. On the train I plugged TOTY into my cd player and it's impossible not to grin when listening to that album so the tears dried up and the rest of the passangers were treated to my croaky singing along.

You'll be just fine K.
billgoodman Posted - 02/11/2006 : 11:14:31
Take care Kathryn,

Frank touches me too, it's in his melodies

'there's a perfect explanation for the shit that I am in'

It's the melody and the words

God save the Noisies
Carl Posted - 02/11/2006 : 10:27:38
"I don't know if it's good that they did make the wheel..."

pas de dutchie!
lonely persuader Posted - 02/11/2006 : 10:22:07
he fixed a wheel on my car once....
Daisy Girl Posted - 02/11/2006 : 09:08:16
K, I am so sorry to hear about your divorce.

I would say Frank's Pixie stuff really helped me through those terrible teen years.

His music in general is just a great way to play while doing something you're not to keen on like cleaning or some other stuff at work. It puts you in a good mood so then the other stuff seems fun too.
BLT Posted - 02/10/2006 : 10:57:07
My wife and I have spent countless enjoyable evenings singing songs while I play the guitar. Some of those songs were written by Frank.

Cyberhugs are for pussies.

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